I got a very good deal, and the deal for the iPhone 13 Pro wasn’t worth it. And they said that on iPhone 13, we’ll give you zero… Hello everyone. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. So, how are you all? Finally, I’m here with the Boxing Day shopping hall video. It’s been almost a month since Boxing Day, and I’m posting this video now, but there are some reasons behind it. As you can see, all the content on the channel is planned nowadays, and I’m trying to upload videos in a manner that I decided, so you get to see new videos every 3–4th days, and I appreciate your support. Thank you so much as we reached 150k subscribers on YouTube, which is a very big number.

I’ll continue this journey and I’ll try to achieve as much as I can and I’ll try to entertain you guys as much as I can. Talking about today, as you can see, I bought a brand new iPhone 13. Here it is, the real one. It’s not clickbait. And… Not only have I purchased an iPhone 13, but I also bought a DJI drone. What is the model? How it looks, unboxing, and everything else will be shown to you in this video. Let me explain something. So, I was looking at drones and stuff on the internet and I thought of adding a drone to my setup as it’d be a good thing, but it’s been 1.5 months since I used the drone. I’ll show you the temperature outside and you’ll be amazed. So, the temperature remains around -35 to -38 degrees Celsius and in this situation, I’ll be unable to fly the drone. I’m waiting for the weather to settle down and then I’ll fly the drone and see how it works. I’ll go over everything with you, but first I’ll show you the unboxing of both gadgets because I wanted to show you my first experience.

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I never thought of uploading the video that late, but I already shot the unboxing and stuff, so you don’t miss the first time experience, but first, let me introduce you to him. Who’s this? Who’s this? So, he’s Almond and he’s a Goldendoodle, and now he’s a member of our family because I love dogs and I wanted to have one here as I have two dogs in India; one is a Golden Retriever, and the other is a Toy Pomeranian. So, I thought of having a dog here as well, so I got this Goldendoodle and his name is Almond, which means “Badaam” in Hindi. . His color looks kind of like an almond, so that’s why I named him Almond. So, that was today’s update. Wait. One more thing: I also got a new pair of glasses. Tell me how it is. If you want to know where to get good quality glasses in Canada, I’ll make a video on how you can get one here, but I want to mention this to you because I know there are a lot of people who wear glasses like me and they are worried about how they’ll get them here.

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First, get as much stuff as you can from India. I brought 2 pairs of glasses, but I still have to get one from here. This is the second pair of glasses that I got from here. I’ll share the details in another video, so let’s get started with the unboxing. So, this is the drone. As you can see, it’s the DJI mini 2 Fly More Combo. The Fly More Combo means it has extra batteries, propellers, a battery charger in which you can charge three batteries, and a bag.

So let’s unbox it. It just had a thin plastic sheet that I had already removed. So, inside it, we have a bag, but there’s nothing more inside the box. So, this is the bag, as you can see. So let’s unbox it and see what’s inside it. So, we unzip it and it’s unboxed. So, first, we’ll see the drone itself. It’s a very small drone, and I don’t know how to fly it. I have to learn about it. So, this is the drone, and here is its gimbal protector. Let’s place it aside for a minute, and let’s look at other things. So, this is its remote. Let’s keep it aside. I’ll unbox everything, don’t worry. Here is the user manual, and inside it, we have all its accessories. So, the bag is empty now, let’s keep it aside. Let’s have a look at the accessories. So, we’ve got a USB-C to USB-B cable and a USB-C to USB-C cable, so if you want to attach your phone to it, you’ve got support for USB-C, USB-B, and I think it’ll have support for the lightning port as well.

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Here’s the charger, and I believe it’s a fast charger, and here’s the battery bank. So, this is the main thing that makes this Fly More Combo awesome. So, we have two batteries in it, and the third battery is inside the drone. So, I got extra wires, a charger, and more extra wires, which are USB-B to USB-C to charge the drone, I guess. So, let’s keep all the things inside it so we don’t lose it. Let’s put it aside and let’s talk about the controller. So, let’s unbox it and see how it feels because I don’t have any idea about drones. So, this is the controller, but I haven’t found the knobs for the joysticks. So, I have to find joysticks. So, it should be inside it. I didn’t find them. Oh, okay, my bad. Here are the joysticks. So, we have to take them out and screw them up like this. It’s a really good thing. I liked the idea of it. So, our controller is set up. This is how it looks, and we’ll learn how to use it.

But, let’s keep everything inside as I’m a little afraid of losing things. So, this is our drone. So, it’s a kind of case, and this is the main thing. So, let’s see how it looks when opened. So, finally, the day has come when I’ll unbox my iPhone. So, the drone unboxing that you saw was shot yesterday. So, you might’ve seen the drone, and we’ll fly it and record some shots. But, my phone also arrived today, so let’s unbox it. It arrived at 8:00 am, but I didn’t open it as I wanted to make an unboxing video for it. So, let’s see how it goes. This is the iPhone 13, 128 GB. It’s not a pro version, as I’ll tell you the deal that I got. I got a very good deal, and the deal for the iPhone 13 Pro wasn’t worth it.

So, there was no benefit from it, and as you can see, I have an iPhone X, which has a cracked screen, but let’s unbox it. The unboxing experience is different this time. Here’s a piece of paper that needs to be peeled away. I’m not a professional tech geek and I don’t have a drop-down camera. I only have a single camera on a tripod. So let’s unbox it. Oh, wow. I wasn’t sure if the color blue would look good, but it’s looking beautiful.

I also ordered a case for it, and I’ll also show you that as well. But, this is the color. So, let’s peel this off here, and this is our phone… Let’s place it on our table. We have a cable as usual and some papers, as they’re saying that they want to reduce plastic, but still give stickers, which is how they work, as it’s also plastic, but this is the phone and the size of the box is getting smaller with every new iPhone. They used to give big boxes of the phones, but let’s set up the phone and then I’ll tell you about the deal, so let’s go.

So, let’s talk about how much I got for this phone. So, previously I had a plan of 55 CAD, of which 9 GB. Here, you get data monthly, unlike in India. Here, I used to get unlimited calling and messaging everywhere in Canada, plus 9 GB of data and 1000 minutes of international calling. I can call anyone in the world as I got 1000 minutes for that and I didn’t have to pay any extra for it. So, I was paying 55 CAD for it. But, I was looking for the iPhone 13 Pro, and if you’re looking for the iPhone 13 Pro and you didn’t find any good deals, then purchasing it will not be worth it. I liked this deal because I called customer care and that person had a very good nature. They told me that they would change my 55 CAD plan to 40 CAD. My 55 CAD plan changed to 40 CAD, and now I only have to purchase the phone. So, I had to give 100–200 CAD as a down payment for it.

Here, to purchase a new phone, you have to give a down payment for it and then they’ll give you a 2-year plan. But, before that, I want to tell you that today’s video is sponsored by Neo Financial. Neo Financial is a place where you’ll get a huge interest rate on your savings account. Canadian banks give only 0.01-0.05% interest on your savings account.

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In India, banks give a good interest rate, but here they give very little interest. I’ve been using this platform for the last 3–4 months, and they’re so kind that they sponsored this video. You know, all my savings are stored in the bank in which I opened an account from India, and I wasn’t getting a good interest rate there. Usually, I invest my money, and you can find the links in the description to learn more. But, savings are also very important as an emergency fund, and if you’re getting a good interest rate somewhere, then it’s a good thing. So I started using Neo Financial and I get 1.3% interest yearly and every month it gets deposited into my account, like if you get 120 CAD interest, so every month I get 10 CAD deposited into my account, which is a very good thing. And their credit card, i.e., Neo Financial card, I ordered that myself and it’s now my primary card because they approved my 8000 CAD limit, which is not a big thing if your credit score is good, but, wherever I use their card, I get 2-3% cashback. So, I’m enjoying this, and you must check out the link in the description as you’ll get 50 CAD as a sign-up bonus, but seriously, I like their services.

And if you want to build your credit, they have a credit builder, which is a prepaid card in which you can deposit and use that amount, and with this, you’ll build your credit. The most important thing in Canada is credit. If you want to buy a house, a car, or anything else, your credit score should be good. That’s why I bought a second-hand car because I didn’t want to pay monthly EMIs for it. So, credit building is very important, so do check out their credit builder and make sure to go through my link as you’ll get a $50 signup bonus. Now, let’s discuss what my previous plan was. So, they slashed my plan to $40 and gave me 12 GB of monthly data. Everything is the same in this plan with an additional 3 GB of data, which was very good, and they offered me zero down payment for the iPhone 13. Next thing, they said that if you buy a phone here, after 2 years you have the option of either returning the phone or paying them 300-400 CAD to keep the phone with you.

This is also an option, and I don’t remember what we call it.
*It’s the UPFRONT EDGE.* So, you can get the phone with zero down payment, and after 2 years, you can either return the phone or pay the amount and keep the phone. I don’t want to go through with this, and I told them the same. So, this thing wasn’t included in it and the most amazing thing was that they offered me a plan of 29 CAD in which I got an off of 5 CAD per month, so my plan became around 23 CAD and I told one of my friends about this plan. She liked it very much, and I called them asking if I could get the same plan for my friend. They agreed, and my friend got the same plan as mine, and I got another 5 CAD off from them. So, my plan was reduced to 18-19 CAD. Before, I used to pay $55 a month and now I’m paying $58. Can you believe it? I got an iPhone 13 with 128 GB on a 58 CAD plan and I was amazed. This is with Virgin Networks. So, many people make fun of me about why Virgin is displaying on top of my device because my SIM is by Virgin and it’s a very good network.

It’s not sponsored by them, but still, I’ve been using it for 2-3 years and it’s very good. So, you should call them and ask them about their deals because they have the option of customizing the deal. After all this, they canceled my 50 CAD activation fee for it and also provided me with a credit of 50 CAD for something. So, my plan remained almost the same and I got a brand new iPhone 13, which is a very good thing. So, I hope you enjoyed this video and inquire with customer care about good deals and try to negotiate with them, as it’ll work for you as I did. I told them that I’ve been their loyal customer for 2 years and I didn’t want to give a down payment, and they agreed.

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So, do negotiate as you can get great deals and always ask for deals on the phone or in-person because the online deals are fixed and it doesn’t make any sense to negotiate. I hope you got something to learn from this and our drone has arrived, so I’ll start by including some of my drone shots, but first I have to learn how to fly it. If you enjoyed it, like and subscribe to the channel as we’ll soon hit 200k, and behind me is our silver play button. So, that’s all for today. Till then, take care, bye-bye guys, and see you. Also, the like aim of this video is 5000 likes. Let’s see if you can do it. I know you can. So, we’ll meet in the next video. Bye. Bye So, this is her Juliet.

So, this is Almond’s Juliet, and he sleeps with her. Almond, where’s your Juliet? He was terrified of the microphone. Almond sleeps; see Almond’s batch. In the next video, I’ll show you some tricks with Almond. Say bye..

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