Fluid Works X7000-RM . Fluid Works X7000-RM Liquid-Cooled GPU Server

EK introduced its new Fluid Works Compute Series X7000-RM GPU server with a stand-alone liquid cooling system to provide “Unquestionable reliabilityServer GPU is now available for purchase in configurations starting at $18,524. Thanks to its liquid-cooled system, the X7000-RM delivers 175% more GPU compute power over similarly sized air-cooled servers while maintaining 100% of the performance output regardless About the intensity or duration of the task.

The standard X7000-RM 5U chassis can be equipped with an AMD EPYC Milan-X 64 Core CPU, up to 2TB DDR4 RAM, and up to seven 80GB NVIDIA A100 GPUs. Single and dual-socket Intel Xeon Scalable solutions are also possible, but such configurations are limited to a maximum of five GPUs.

Liquid-cooled GPU server

“The stand-alone liquid cooling setup was designed with easy servicing in mind. Removing a few screws from the side allows the entire sub-assembly—fans, radiators, manifold, and pumps—to be disconnected and replaced instantly. A lightning-fast replacement without draining or refilling the liquid coolant ring. The independent nature of the X7000-RM makes it ideal for replacements in older, air-cooled servers without having to introduce utility water infrastructure.”

“No corners were cut when choosing the components and materials that go into the construction of the X7000-RM. From automotive-grade EPDM tubing to redundant PSUs and highly reliable pumps, nothing was allowed to compromise the functionality and reliability of the system. The triple cooler setup ensures 360mm degrees Optimal heat for coolant and components, even in high ambient temperature conditions, where the entire system is much quieter than a standard air-cooled server solution.The entire water cooling loop is monitored and controlled by an AI-optimized control system, providing an optimal balance of cooling and noise generation At all times with the ability to notify the administrator or remote user of any possible system malfunction or problem.”

By liquid cooling all major heat-generating components, the EK Fluid Works X7000-RM can keep all critical components, such as the AMD EPYC 64 core CPU and NVIDIA A100 GPUs, at operating temperatures 30°C lower than standard air-cooled solutions. This significant temperature drop positively affects power consumption, reducing total power draw by an astonishing 10%. Due to advanced boost algorithms that take advantage of power computation and lower temperatures, a 6% increase in total performance can be seen in applications specific.”

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