Galaxy Watch 5 tends to adopt sapphire on all models

Samsung is set to unveil its latest range of smartwatches tomorrow in the Galaxy Watch 5 series, but it looks like there’s a relatively big upgrade in store. According to the latest Galaxy Watch 5 leak, the entire range is set to adopt a sapphire crystal glass for the display.

Roland Quandt WinFuture Spread A set of official looking promotional images showing the Galaxy Watch 5 from all angles. These images show the standard base models, not the “Pro” model which has a slightly different, thicker design.

From previous leaks, the Galaxy Watch 5 in its base model was expected to be pretty much the same as its predecessor from a hardware point of view, with the same processor, sizes, and only a slight increase in battery capacity. But with this latest leak, it’s clear that Samsung is bringing sapphire glass to the Galaxy Watch 5 – “Sapphire Crystal” is printed on the bottom of the watch in these photos.

Previously, it was believed that only the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro would adopt sapphire.

What is sapphire glass? It’s not actually glass, but a type of ceramic that’s just as transparent as traditional glass. But the difference is that sapphire is present far More resistant to scratches and other damages.

The Apple Watch uses sapphire on its stainless steel and titanium models, but still uses “IonX” glass, which looks similar to Gorilla Glass, in its more affordable models. Samsung certainly offers a lot of value in this regard if it turns out that the base Galaxy Watch 5, which is rumored to be a bit more expensive than last year’s models, actually uses sapphire.

Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy Watch 5 series tomorrow along with its new foldable earphones and earbuds. The company is offering reservations on its website now that offer up to $200 in additional credits when purchasing these new devices.

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