Garmin dezlCam LGV710 Dash Cam and Sat Nav

Garmin launched the new Garmin dezlCam LGV710, the device combines Dash Cam and Sat Nav into one.

The Garmin dezlCam LGV710 features a 7-inch display, and this new device is designed for use by truck drivers.

Garmin International, Inc. Today announced the new dēzlCamä LGV710, which brings HD camera technology to the best-in-class 7-inch dēzl™ navigation system. Designed specifically for road truckers, this all-in-one solution features a 1080p camera with a wide 140-degree field of view that continuously records your drive and automatically saves videos of any accidents. It is an invaluable companion for professional truck drivers who want to protect their driving reputation, and serves as an “eyewitness” and source of truth if necessary. Users can easily view and share important videos from a smartphone. Each video is automatically stored in the secure online Vault for easy viewing and sharing with dēzl app.

With a built-in high-resolution camera, the dēzlCam LGV710 provides advanced driver-assisted warnings, including forward collision and lane departure alerts to help increase driver awareness and encourage safe driving.

You can find more details about the new Garmin dezlCam LGV710 at the link below and it will retail for £519.99.

Source: Garmin

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