Google publishes a detailed Pixel 6a repair guide

In partnership with Google, last month iFixit began selling original Pixel phone parts. Google has now published a very detailed Pixel 6a repair guide that appears to be identical to what is used internally, but it is only available in French.

For now, this “Pixel Repair Guide” is only for “Pixel 6a and later” owners in France. However, the implication is that future phones, such as the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, will have similar documentation.

You can use our Pixel repair guide to try to fix the issues you’re having with your phone and to service that phone. You can get step-by-step instructions for:

• Repair your damaged Pixel phone using original replacement parts;

• Unplug and put your Pixel phone back together;

• Removal and replacement of parts.

• Extend the life of your phone and protect the environment.


The format of this repair guide may sound as familiar as something similar that was leaked last year for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Important: Repairing your device yourself may endanger your safety or damage your device. We recommend that only independent professional repairers and users with appropriate technical expertise repair their phones themselves.


Covers precautions (eg tools required) with repair diagrams and photos covering both assembly and disassembly. Another section highlights problems by components (screen, battery, RF, etc.) and how to solve them. There is a comprehensive list of components with part numbers, while both the Sub-6 and mmWave variants of the Pixel 6a are discussed.

The French only nature of this Pixel repair guide is intriguing and it is currently not available in any other language. When the iFixit partnership was announced, we had the impression that the third party organization would handle the detailed evidence and would be responsible for it. The document published by Google today is more technical and is clearly aimed at a more advanced audience.

Pixel 6a repair guide can be Downloaded directly from Google here.

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