How to get Wi-Fi password on iPhone

There are several reasons why you might want to access your home wireless login credentials from your phone. The first is that you have Forgot your login And you want to find the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone, or maybe you want to set up a hotspot and share your wireless password with a friend or family member to provide internet access through your iOS device.

See Wi-Fi password on iPhone

Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a way to see Wi-Fi passwords once they are entered On your iPhone or Mac computers, perhaps for your home network, university Wi-Fi account, or work router. To do this, the iPhone will need to be jailbroken, after which you can install several third-party applications that will easily show you the password.

However Apple allows you Sync all your logins across all your devices So if you have wireless network access from a MacBook or similar computer, you can transfer it to your iPhone wirelessly or from your iPhone to your MacBook if you need to connect it.

For security reasons once you have entered and confirmed your Wi-Fi password on any Apple device, You can no longer see the characters again on any Apple device. Although Apple does allow you to view and modify your login passwords and other credentials.

So if you forget a file wifi password Or you haven’t signed into this wireless network before on any of your Apple devices, you’ll need to see if it’s written on your home router and re-enter it on your new device. If you previously accessed it on another Apple device, you can sync it using your Apple ID account as shown below.

To be able to see your passwords and logins, you’ll need to go to the Apple Keychain or Passwords app on your iPhone or Mac computer. But first we will cover the easiest option, sharing your iPhone wireless hotspot password with friends and family. Enable them to use your iPhone as an internet hotspot.

Share Wi-Fi passwords for hotspots on iPhone

To share your iPhone hotspot with others, just follow these instructions:

1. On your iPhone, go to Settings Request

2. Then enter an option Personal Contact Point.

3. Here you will see your iPhone wifi password included.

4. Apple generates a random password for you, but if you want to change this, just click the arrow on the right side of the password and you can enter any word, phrase or characters, you want to create something a little more memorable.

5. Once you enter a file wifi passwordJust tap Done on the keyboard and your iPhone will save the password in memory.

6. Family and friends can then use this password to log into your account Hotspot Whenever needed.

7. If you want to prevent people from logging into your hotspot, just disable the ability by moving the Allow others to join slider to the left. If it shows green, people will connect to your hotspot.

Synchronize Wi-Fi passwords

If you want to sync your home Wi-Fi password on Mac, you’ll need to enter the official Apple Keychain or Password app, which stores all your usernames and passwords for websites, services, and wireless networks. It is worth noting that if you connect to a wireless network on your Mac, you can automatically transfer this password to your iPhone or vice versa without seeing it or retype it by enabling iCloud Keychain sync. This will share your passwords across all of your Apple devices, whether it’s an iOS or macOS device.

To set up iCloud Keychain to sync passwords and logins across all your devices

1. Go to Settings The app on your iPhone

2. Click on your user The name at the top of the settings screen

2. Select iCloud

3. Select Key chain

4. Move iCloud Keychain Option to green to enable sync

iCloud Keychain keeps information like Safari user names, passwords, credit cards, Wi-Fi passwords, and other logins up to date on all your devices automatically. Apple encrypts your data and no passwords or logins can even be read by Apple. These details are also used to automatically fill out forms and log in to websites and online services that you may have subscribed to.

If you are having problems, while syncing your iCloud Keychain passwords, remember that you need to sign in to the same Apple ID on all your devices.

Edit passwords on Mac

1. Go to systems preference A section accessible from the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the Mac screen

2. Go to passwords On the latest OS which may be called Keychain on all versions of Apple OS

If you’re still having problems connecting to a wireless network at home, school, or work, it may be worth contacting Apple Support if you don’t have any technical help available.

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