How to Use Low Power Mode on iPhone

If you need to get extra battery life from your iPhone, you can use Low Power Mode or Power Saving Mode on your device to extend the battery life.

This is a useful feature that Apple has built into the iPhone for those times when you need to save battery usage on your iPhone. This may happen when the battery is lower than expected and when you want to extend how long it lasts that day.

What is Power Saving or Low Power Mode on iPhone?

Low Power Mode or Power Saving Mode is a feature built into the Battery app on iPhone. You can switch your iPhone to this mode and it will turn off a number of things that use your battery while in this setting.

Once this mode is turned on, it will reduce the use of email fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads, iCloud Photos pause, auto-lock is automatically set to 30 seconds, and there are also fewer visual effects. 5G usage is also reduced hence it is only used when streaming video.

How do I turn on Low Power Mode?

To turn on power saving mode on your iPhone, you have to go to Settings > batteryyou will then see a toggle switch for Low Power ModeTurn it on, and your battery life will be extended.

iPhone Low Power Mode

When you are in low power mode on your iPhone, your battery will change color to a yellow icon, which is designed to let you know that your smartphone is in power saving mode.

You can also turn on this feature from the Control Center on your iPhone, you will need to add it to a file Control Center first. To add a file Low Power Mode To your Control Center, you need to go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and add the Low Power Mode feature.

How do I turn off Low Power Mode?

There are two ways to turn off Low Power Mode on your iPhone, and this can be done from a file Control Center on your device if you have enabled this as a feature. The second method is from the Settings menu on your iPhone. To turn off the power saving mode, you have to go to Settings > battery And toggle low power mode.

iPhone Low Power Mode

We hope you found this guide helpful and hope it helps you get more battery life out of your iPhone when the battery runs out. You can find more details about this feature on the Apple website, if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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