How to watch Westworld Season 4 in the UK – Channel Guide, Plot & Trailer

How to watch Westworld 4 in the UK: The first episode is already out of the park. Here’s how you can enjoy the HBO science fiction series.

The amazing Humans vs Hosts series returns for season 4, and just like Jurassic Park, the attractions are renegade and out of the theme park.

Season 4 of Westworld is here and as always we hope everything falls into place. How is it possible otherwise? Looking at what happened before, maybe not much.

Season 3 has drawn a much sharper line between who’s Android and who’s not, who’s alive and who’s dead, and what’s at stake as Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) makes her claim to the New World on multiple fronts.

It’s been two years since Westworld Season 3 ended, and we hope everyone has had enough of a break to wind themselves up for Season 4.

Westworld season 4 plot and trailer

As of the end of Season 3, the only known surviving version of Delores is the one posing as Charlotte Hill (Tessa Thompson), the park’s executive director. Charlotte Deloris is now on a mission to destroy humanity so that the hosts can inherit Earth.

Season 3 opponent Engerraund Serac has died. He built the Rehoboam AI quantum computer system, which used collective data to control human decision-making and predict their life outcomes. It is destroyed by Caleb (Aaron Paul) and Maeve (Thandie Newton). Will society collapse as expected?

Will he transfer Hel’s new army from the battle hosts to humanity, leading to a long anticipated battle for supremacy between humans and hosts? And what role will William, the mysterious man in black, play in all of this?

From the season 4 trailer, we learn that the corpse of Evan Rachel Wood has returned as a new host, who will be known as Christina. We don’t know much about her or her goals.

How to watch the fourth season of Westworld in the UK

Sky Atlantic is the place to watch the fourth season of Westworld in the UK. New episodes air every Monday night at 10pm UK time. Episode 1 aired Monday, June 27 on Sky Atlantic, and is now available upon request. It will also recur on Sky Atlantic at 10pm on Sunday, July 3rd.

You can get Sky Atlantic with a Sky subscription or via the Entertainment package of Sky’s NOW streaming service. Sky is currently offering 50% off NOW Entertainment packages for $4.99 per month for two months.

How to watch Westworld Seasons 1-3

If you’ve never watched Westworld and are interested in keeping up with seasons one through three… then run. Seriously, run, you’ll thank us for that.

If you need a refresher on the first three seasons as you try to collect events, schedules, humans, hosts, and everything in between, you can catch up with your Sky subscription, or via the now available chest kits.

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