Hyundai IONIQ 6 EV design revealed

Hyundai Motor Company today revealed the streamlined and timeless design of the highly anticipated IONIQ 6, the second model in its all-electric IONIQ lineup. The IONIQ 6, which Hyundai describes as an electric transmission, is aerodynamically sculpted and uses sustainable materials to reflect the values ​​of today’s electric vehicle customers.

Inspired by Hyundai’s Prophecy EV concept, the IONIQ 6 features clean, simple lines and a pure aerodynamic shape that Hyundai designers describe as emotional efficiency. The IONIQ 6’s electric streamline rating and conscious, cocoon-like interior design exemplify the silhouette of the new era of electric mobility, while the overall design theme of ethical excellence reflects Hyundai’s customer-centric commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

IONIQ 6 demonstrates ethical and unique design through energy efficiency and sustainable use of materials. The design of the IONIQ 6 has been human-centered from the start, with the interior space being developed in tandem with the exterior. Efforts were made to increase and improve interior space, stretching it front and rear, resulting in a unique silhouette and spacious interior.

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