Instagram is adding an option to delete the account in the iOS app to comply with App Store rules

Instagram this week implemented support for a new option that allows deleting an Instagram account directly within the Instagram app. Instagram now complies with updated App Store guidelines that require all apps that offer account creation to also offer to delete the account.

Apple told developers that apps offering account creation must also support account deletion starting June 30, 2022, so Instagram waited for the deadline to add the feature.

According to Apple’s guidelines, apps should make it easy for users to find the option to delete the account, and it’s not enough for the app to offer to temporarily disable or deactivate the account. The account must be deletable, as well as all personal data.

delete instagram account
As noted before Take CrunchBefore now, Instagram users had to log into a web browser on a desktop computer or mobile device to delete their account. There was also an in-app option to deactivate the account, but as mentioned above, Apple requires options to completely delete the account.

Instagram accounts can be deleted in the Instagram app by opening the settings, selecting the account, and choosing the option to delete the account. Instagram allows users to choose between deleting or deactivating their account, with the option to delete permanently removing all content.

There is a 30-day period within which you can change your mind about deleting your account because Apple’s guidelines allow for a delay before an account is permanently removed. Those who log into Instagram after requesting deletion will be able to stop the deletion.

In a statement to Take CrunchInstagram said it wanted to “give people more ways to control their experience and the time they spend on Instagram,” without indicating that it is a requirement of Apple.

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