Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Mac

Microsoft recently introduced new gaming features for its Edge browser with the aim of making it the “best browser for gamers” in the market. If you’ve switched from Windows to Apple macOS, and are wondering if you can get Internet Explorer for Mac, or you’re missing out on a number of useful features like the Windows sniper tool. You’ll be glad to know that this guide will show you how to install the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer on macOS The operating system.

Back in March 2015, Microsoft announced that it would replace the iconic and somewhat annoying Internet Explorer with the new Edge, with Edge becoming the default browser on all Windows 10 installations. The original Internet Explorer browser was first launched over 25 years ago, in August 1995 and was once a post-fame browser, peaking at nearly 95% usage in 2003.

Since then, Microsoft has developed a new browser called Edge and announced that it will do so Disable Internet Explorer support On June 15, 2022, after which modern Edge will be the default browser going forward and feature IE mode for legacy sites. Microsoft also confirmed last year that Microsoft 365 web-based products would not support the old Internet Explorer browser, and Microsoft Teams support for IE ended earlier in November 2020. Which means you’ll need to move to Microsoft’s The new Edge browser To be able to access their online services for Office, email, and other Microsoft services.

Install Edge Browser on Mac

Installing the modern Internet Explorer alternative from Edge on Mac is very easy and will provide more Microsoft browsing experience for those who are still switching from Windows to Mac. Microsoft has made it possible to download its Edge browser from the official website and once it is downloaded it will automatically present you with a file macOS browser download option If you visit the page on your iMac or MacBook as in the image below.

Install Quick Edge Mac

  1. Go to the Microsoft website
  2. Select the macOS download option
  3. Select Edge Browser for either Apple’s new M1 chip or older Intel Macs
  4. Follow the installation process

Microsoft has improved its Edge browser for both older Macs with Intel chips and new Mac computers running the Apple M1, giving you options to download the correct version for your Mac computer.

Intel or M1

If you are not sure which processor your Mac computer is running, you can do a simple check by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen. From here selectAbout this MacAnd a new dialog box will appear, selectSummary“And look for the processor or chip and check if it says Intel or Apple. As you can see on my MacBook Air, it says”Apple M1 chip“.

Once you know the wizard, boot up your Mac by clicking the appropriate button, accepting the terms and conditions provided by Microsoft, and pressing “Accept and downloadlocated in the lower right corner of the window. Once the download is complete, something similar to MicrosoftEdge – ##. ##. ##. pkg with the hash representing the browser version number, will be available in your Downloads folder, accessible using an app Finder on your Mac To start the process of installing the alternative Edge browser on your Mac, simply double-click on the file and the installation will begin.

Downloads folder

Apple macOS will ask you to provide access to the Downloads folder, tap “yesIf you are happy to continue. Select the destination where you would like to install the Edge browser on your Mac. If you are completely satisfied with the default location, simply pressCompleteThe installation process takes 2 minutes to complete and you will be presented with a confirmation notification once it is finished.

Customize your browsing experience

Microsoft will then take you through a number of options that allow you to customize your macOS Edge browsing experience, offer a number of different layouts such as inspirational, informational, or focused, and you can even sign in with your Microsoft account to sync data across different computers. Launch the Edge browser.

Import your bookmarks

If you use Apple’s Safari browser as a temporary way to browse the Internet, you can also import your browser data directly into Edge, from a popup that Microsoft will display or from the Preferences pane available under “Microsoft Edge” in the top-right corner next to the Apple logo when you’re in an app mac edge browser.

Browser alternative

If you are looking for an alternative browser to replace Microsoft Edge or Apple’s Safari, I can highly recommend Vivaldi Browser.

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