Intel graphics driver slowing Chrome and Edge to a crawl — here’s how to fix it

The Intel graphics driver for some 12th-generation Intel CPUs using integrated GPUs wreaks havoc in Chrome and Edge browsers, causing severe lag and even system freezes. This kind of issue is frustrating for any laptop, but it gets worse because it affects the latest Intel CPUs.

The problem is a graphics driver for Intel’s integrated UHD Graphics 770, which is a nasty look as many are eagerly waiting for the company’s discrete ARC GPUs here in the US market. For its part, Intel acknowledges the issue, saying: “Modern Intel UHD Graphics 770 drivers for 12th generation Intel Core™ processors are causing significant delays in Edge* and Chrome*. Browsers behave as if they are almost frozen. Click response delay is 2 seconds Passing is severely delayed and intermittent.”

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