Invisible under the desk wireless charger for surfaces up to 50mm thick

If you want to add a wireless charger to your desk without cluttering your workspace, you might be interested in the new invisible wireless charger that allows you to charge your phone anywhere on your desk. Just put the shipping package on under your desk And set up a charging hotspot at the top of your desk. Desks can be up to 50mm or 2 inches thick and the wireless charger will provide 10W of power to your phone.

Early pledges are now available for the unique project from approximately $74 or £55 (According to current exchange rates)It’s offering a massive discount of close to 28% off the final retail price, while Indiegogo is crowdfunding.

  • Stick it under any surface up to 2 inches (50 mm) thick.
  • Put a sticker on the surface, to note where to put your phone
  • Charge your phone (10W)
  • Totally stunning and completely invisible.
  • No room is occupied, just charge when your phone is done

Designed for any phone that has wireless recharging built in, or add our Qi receiver to your phone) Offer charging in a restaurant, coffee shop, or table top, without risk of damage or theft Offer recharge anywhere: outdoors , shopping malls, airports, train stations, etc… with no potential damage or theft. The product is already designed and ready for production: help us develop technology and our market,”

If the invisible campaign succeeds in increasing the required pledge goal and completing the project smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected sometime around August 2022. To learn more about the invisible wireless charger project, play the promotional video below.

office wireless charger

Enter the world of wireless, any invisible wireless charger capable of charging the phone, but not limited to. Do you need LED lamp on your night table or desk? Or your phone does not provide wireless charging function, do it without any wires: the invisible charger It will power it (up to 10W): Use our Qi receiver. Wireless technology is expanding, help us become one of the most innovative leaders in this technology”

For a complete list of all available early pledges, extended goals, additional media and engineering specifications for the wireless charger, go to the official Invisible crowdfunding campaign page by clicking the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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