iPhone mAh battery list: Power capacity for each model

Have you ever wondered what battery capacity Apple has put into their iPhones over the years or what is the current iPhone battery size? While the company doesn’t share the information publicly, details of the battery are eventually coming to light in disassemblies. Join in to take a look at the full list of iPhone mAh battery to find out how much battery capacity comes with each iPhone model.

One of the main reasons Apple doesn’t share iPhone battery capacity is that iPhone battery life can often beat the competition like Android phones with smaller battery capacity. Apple can do this because they manufacture both hardware and software and fine-tune their hardware to run as efficiently as possible.

In another way, Apple is focusing on what its iPhones can do rather than what specs they run.

One example of this is that sometimes the newer iPhone model comes with a smaller battery capacity than its predecessor as the new chips have achieved better efficiency.

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Before checking out the specifications below, can you guess the battery capacity of the original iPhone? 😁

Well, here is the complete list of iPhone mAh battery capacity…

iPhone mAh battery list: Battery capacity for each iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro Max battery capacity in mAh?

4352 mAh – 16.75 watt-hours

iPhone 13 Pro battery capacity in mAh?

3095 mAh – 11.97 W/h

iPhone 13 mAh battery capacity?

3227 mAh – 12.41 W/h

iPhone 13 mini mAh battery capacity?

2406 mAh – 9.57 watt-hours

iPhone SE 3rd gen mAh battery capacity?

2018 mAh – 7.82 Wh

iPhone 12 Pro Max battery capacity in mAh?

3687 mAh – 14.13 watt-hours

iPhone 12 Pro battery capacity in mAh?

2815 mAh – 10.78 W/h

iPhone 12 mAh battery capacity?

2815 mAh – 10.78 W/h

iPhone battery 12 mini amp capacity?

2227 mAh – 8.57 watt-hours

iPhone SE 2nd gen Is the battery capacity mAh?

1821 mAh – 6.96 W/h

iPhone 11 Pro Max battery capacity in mAh?

3969 mAh – 15.04 watt-hours

iPhone 11 Pro battery capacity in mAh?

3046 mAh – 11.67 watt-hours

iPhone 11 battery capacity mAh?

3110 mAh – 11.91 W/h

iPhone XR battery capacity in mAh?

2942 mAh – 11.24 watt-hours

iPhone XS Max battery capacity mAh?

3174 mAh – 12.08 W/h

iPhone XS battery capacity mAh?

2658 mAh – 10.13 watt-hours

iPhone X battery capacity in mAh?

2716 mAh – 10.35 watt-hours

iPhone 8 Plus battery capacity mAh?

2691 mAh – 10.28 watt-hours

iPhone 8 battery capacity mAh?

1821 mAh – 6.96 W/h

iPhone 7 Plus battery capacity mAh?

2900 mAh – 11.10 watt-hours

iPhone 7 battery capacity?

1960 mA – 7.45 W/h

iPhone SE battery capacity mah?

1624 mAh – 6.21 W/h

iPhone 6S Plus battery capacity in mAh?

2750 mAh – 10.45 W/h

iPhone 6S battery capacity in mAh?

1715 mAh – 6.55 W/h

iPhone 6 Plus battery capacity mAh?

2915 mAh – 11.1 watt-hours

iPhone 6 mAh battery capacity?

1810 mAh – 6.91 W/h

iPhone 5S battery capacity in mAh?

1560 mAh – 5.92 W/h

iPhone 5C battery capacity mAh?

1510 mAh – 5.73 watt-hours

iPhone 5 mAh battery capacity?

1440 mAh – 5.45 watt-hours

iPhone 4S battery capacity in mAh?

1432 mAh – 5.3 watt-hours

iPhone 4 battery capacity mAh?

1420 mAh – 5.25 watt-hours

iPhone 3GS battery capacity mah?

1219 mAh – 4.51 Wh

iPhone 3G battery capacity in mAh?

1150 mAh – 4.12 watt-hours

What is the capacity of the original iPhone battery?

1400 mAh – 5.18 W/h

iPhone 13 Pro internals via iFixit

What iPhone mAh battery surprised you the most? Or have you found something interesting about how Apple has used the battery capacity in your iPhone over the years? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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