iPhone X Top 10 features – Top 10 things to know before iPhone 8 Launch event

iPhone X Top 10 features – Top 10 things toknow before iPhone 8 Launch event New iPhone 8 launch event will be live today. Specs, Price, all you need to know 1. Three iPhones: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone8 Plus One block of code. That’s all it took to inject a massive doseof credibility into the biggest rumor around Apple’s Tuesday reveal. Which rumor, you ask? The rumor where Apple will announce *three*new iPhones instead of two — including an ultra-high-end iPhone with a brand new tall-and-narrowdesign, a huge OLED screen that covers almost the entire front of the phone, a face-recognizinginfrared camera and a price north of $1,000.

2. Face ID is coming The HomePod leak in August all but confirmedthat the iPhone X would have a face-recognizing camera sophisticated enough to detect facialexpressions, and let you log in to your phone. Internally, it’s known as Pearl. 3. Face ID will let you pay Last month, developers couldn’t find a singleshred of evidence to indicate that you’d use the new face camera to pay for purchases. That would be a little worrying if it’s alsotrue — as rumored — the new iPhone X will ditch the fingerprint sensor entirely. 4. Animojis But Apple’s new Face ID camera isn’t justabout security. According to the leak, you’ll be able to create”custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions.” 5. Apple Watch LTE Two of the most reliable Apple leaksters toldus it was coming. Now, a cellular Apple Watch that doesn’t requirea nearby phone is all but certain — because iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith foundpictures in the code of not only the watch itself, but also a status screen showing acellular strength gauge.

(It doesn’t technically say LTE, you mightnote.) 6. Apple is chopping the status bar in half If it’s true that Apple’s iPhone X will havea giant front-facing camera module hanging over the top of its all-screen front — seea mockup at the top of this post — Apple would need to split the iPhone’s status barright down the center. 7. Apple TV 4K If you’ve been waiting for an Apple TV powerfulenough to send full-resolution 4K video to your 4K TV, it sounds like you’ll be in luck: 8.

New AirPods 9. Apple goes hexacore with monster A11 processor 10. Apple could ditch the Lightning port for USB-C If true, this could be the single biggestcoup of the entire leak: Apple swapping from its own proprietary Lightning jack to theincreasingly popular USB-C port. (iPhone accessory companies would have toscramble to survive.) iPhone X Top 10 features – Top 10 things toknow before iPhone 8 Launch event iphone 8 | iphone x | apple iphone 8 | iphone| iphone 8 plus | iphone 8 review | apple | iphone 8 leaks | iphone edition | iphone8 rumors | iphone 8 unboxing | iphone 8 features | iphone 8 display | iphone 8 price | iphone8 release date | iphone 8 trailer | iphone 8 official | iphone 8 leaked | iphone 8 specs| iphone 8 event | iphone x vs iphone 8 | iphone 8 design | iphone 8 cost | smartphone | ios| iphone x features | iphone x hands on | apple iphone | tech | note 8 | 2017 iphone

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