MacTigr 100% Metallic Mechanical Keyboard

Das keyboard This new week has been introduced 100% metal reference mechanical keyboard Designed specifically for Mac users. Features an aluminum frame with a stainless steel top Mcteger It was built to finally say it’s the content creators. Low-profile mechanical keyboard is now available for purchase worldwide United State From online retailers at a price $219 It will be available all the time Europe And globally during September 2022.

Mechanical keyboard for Mac

Mac users who are looking for a mechanical keyboard should watch the promotional video below to learn more about the latest Das keyboard specially designed for Mac users.

  • 100% metal body
  • Ultra-thin design to make a bold statement
  • Linear Cherry MX Low Profile Red switches are designed to withstand 100 million keystrokes
  • Low profile dual shot PBT keycaps (US layout only)
  • 2-Port USB-C Hub for insanely fast data transfer and charging speeds
  • Enhanced 105-key layout with command, option, and media keys for play, pause, skip, rewind, eject, and brightness
  • Textured soft volume handle
  • Custom sleep control to save energy and the planet
  • Full-NKRO allows users to press multiple keys simultaneously which is great for gaming

“Mac users are denied access to high-quality mechanical keyboards designed specifically for macOS,” said Daniel Germore, co-founder and CEO of Das Keyboard. “Our new MacTigr is built to last and helps users achieve the highest levels of productivity and creativity, while the low-profile keys and soft PBT keycaps produce a flexible and satisfying action, making you feel like you’re typing on the cloud. We’ve brought the best of both worlds together – durable design and functionality – For an outstanding typing experience on Mac. This is the Mac keyboard that Mac keyboard pros will love.

MacTigr 100% Metal Mechanical Keyboard Mac

“The new MacTigr features a sleek, modern design made with the highest quality components to create an unparalleled typing experience on Mac. MacTigr features Mac-specific switches, Cherry MX Low Profile Red linear mechanical switches, dual-shot PBT keycaps, and a high-speed USB-C hub. Dual ports, volume knob, sleep button, and media controls. The slim, all-metal body features a heavy-duty matte black stainless steel top and dark gray aluminum body, making it extremely tough and durable.”

We added an energy-efficient sleep button that will instantly put your Mac to sleep when you press it. Are you drinking coffee? Tap it. Going to a meeting? Tap it. Go to lunch? You get the idea: Put your workstation to sleep in an instant. Das Keyboard is the first company to add a dedicated volume knob to their keyboards. We continue the tradition with MacTigr.”

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