Mercedes, Master & Dynamic team up for premium headphones

Carmaker Mercedes and audio brand Master & Dynamic have teamed up to launch a series of headphones and charging pad as part of their first collaboration.

These headphones aren’t new in themselves, but as part of the collaboration, the headphones have a Mercedes-inspired look with the iconic triple star adorned on the headphones and simple red details.

The headphones include part of the MW65 Mercedes-Benz, MW08 Mercedes-Benz, MW75 Mercedes-Benz, MG20 Mercedes-Benz, and MW08 Sport series, with the MC100 charging pad also part of the series. You can read what we thought about the true wireless MW08 and MW08 Sport, with our review of the MW75 noise-canceling items in the near future.

Starting with the MW65 Hybrid ANC Noise Canceling Devices, it features two ANC modes with binaural tuning to provide a clear and balanced listening experience. A slight change is that the weight of the headphones has been optimized to increase wearing comfort during extended listening sessions.

The MW08 package has pretty much the same specs as the model we tested, with the durable ceramic finish for the earbuds, two 11mm beryllium drivers, and a hybrid ANC with 12 hours of battery and 42 hours if you include the charging case.

Mercedes MW75 headphones

The MW75 is currently the latest pair of M&D headphones, with 28 hours of battery life, adaptive ANC and sound delivered by 40mm beryllium drivers. The Mercedes-AMG logo can be found on both the ear cups and as an embossed design on the leather headband, just in case you thought people weren’t aware you’re wearing Mercedes-Benz headphones.

The MG20 is a wireless gaming headset, made from materials like magnesium, premium leather and Alcantara, and features a detachable boom microphone and an additional built-in mic array for in-game communication. The drivers are 50mm beryllium with 7.1 surround sound support, plus a low-latency adapter for switching between console and PC gaming. You get 22 hours of battery life from a single charge.

Mercedes AMG MW08S

The latest pair of headphones is the MW08 Sport, which as the name suggests can be used for workouts and aerobics. The look and features are similar to the MW08, but they come with more ear tips – five different pairs of silicone attachments and two extra pairs of foam ear tips – to find the best fit.

The latest is the Mercedes-AMG MC100 Charging Pad in painted fabric, featuring a die-cast aluminum base for improved heat dissipation and optimum charging efficiency. The inductive charging station can supply power up to 10W to compatible devices.

Prices, as you might expect, aren’t exactly cheap with the MW65 Mercedes-Benz priced at £449: MW08 Mercedes-Benz at £279 MW75 Mercedes-AMG at £549, MG20 Mercedes-AMG at £429, MW08 Sport for £329 and the MC100 Charging Pad £49.

Expected to be available from the end of July 2022.

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