Microsoft Teams for a one-click option to leave the meeting on all devices

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to join a meeting on a secondary device by simply opening the Teams app on it while on a call. However, it’s not always easy to leave the meeting on all of these devices at the same time, which is why Microsoft recently confirmed that a major change related to the Teams meeting experience is on the way.

In the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft stated that it sees “friction” when Teams users end up leaving meetings on multiple personal devices. With this in mind, Microsoft decided to devise a feature to allow Teams users to leave a meeting from all their devices with a single click.

The feature was marked 97397 and initially added to the roadmap on August 19. Microsoft aims to have it ready by the end of August 2022, which is now roughly one week away. All Teams customers are expected to get this option, so you should see it in the Teams app on desktop, web, Android, and iOS pretty soon.

Other than mentioning “one click”, Microsoft wasn’t clear about where to add this option in Teams itself. Presumably it might be under More options List that can be checked out during the meeting. It was already possible to end the call for all those present from the same list, so this option would be appropriate there.

Microsoft has been busy adding features to Teams for the past few months. Just last week, Microsoft started testing a new Teams videos feature in Preview that lets you record individual messages and send them to your colleagues. Microsoft has also improved the Teams app for Apple Silicon Mac devices, which helped improve performance for users who have a Mac with an Apple M1 or Apple M2 silicon device.

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