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Hey, What’s UP Guys KSK here, Welcome backto this Video. This is MIUI 12 Beta, the official update of MIUI based on Android 10. So, Ihave installed MIUi 12 On My Redmi K20 Pro. In this video, I will show you the top 10the biggest features of Miui 12. Lets get started. MIUI 12 is currently available for a lot ofdevices in the form of closed Beta. For those registered users this can be installed ontheir Xiaomi Device. But for those who arent enrolled, I leave a link in the descriptionthat would show you how to install MIUI 12 Beta on your device. Also, I am gonna dropa new video on how to install MIUI 12 on any Xiaomi device any Time soon.MIUI 12, is one of the biggest major updates of MIUI. This update brings tons of changeto the system that is visually astounding. Starting with the Lock Screen, MIUI 12 brings a redesigned Lock screen which looks completelydifferent from MIUI 11. Take a look at the bold and regular font added to the time anddate which look pretty elegant and decent. WallpapersMIUI 12 comes with a super fancy brand new wallpapers. There are tons of new wallpapersadded to the system which looks fantastic.

For instance, take a look at this super wallpaper.Xiaomi has created high Precision animated wallpapers of mars and earth-based on availabledata from NASA. This type of wallpaper can be set for lock screen & home screen. Thesuper wallpaper may dynamically change based on the system theme. Check out this beautifulanimation of the super wallpaper that flows the whole screen and gives the stunning visuallook of the wallpaper. Along with them, the wallpapers page in MIUI 12 has been redesignedwhich is where you get to see more brand new wallpapers and guess what these wallpapersare visually astounding & Super Impressive. Dark Mode Miui 12 brings a dark mode 2.0 that adds supportfor dimming the wallpaper and system elements. The feature will work with the time of dayand night and changes accordingly. Animations & Transitions Its time to talk about the animations & transitions.MIUI 12 brings a new system animation and transitions throughout the system.

These areimplemented in such a way that looks eye-pleasing. From app opening to closing take a look atthe transitioning scale of the animation which is magnificent. This indeed improves the speedof the whole user experience and fixes many bugs and lags within the UI. The new animationsmay appear in different areas of the system. For instance, take a look at the app switcher,the animation is perfect and smooth and the app switcher has tweaked a little bit to makeIt look much better. Android 10 Navigation Gestures Thanks To Android 10, Google has Bought anew gesture mechanism to the system that improves the gesture navigation. Unfortunately, Xiaomididnt bring in MIUI 11 due to several reasons. But as many vendors seemed to be opting forthe google system nav gestures Xiaomi decided to add in MIUI 12.

Miui 12 brings all-newrefined android 10 navigation gestures to the system that helps to quickly improve thegesture experience. Swiping up takes to the home screen and swiping up and holding fora second brings up the app switcher. There is a new pill that stays persistent at thebottom of the screen. Using this, you can trigger the left or right gestures to switchbetween the applications back & forth. Take a look at the speed of these navigation gestures. Revamped Notifications Panel One of the Core UI changes of MIUI 12 is thenotification drawer. Xiaomi found a way to Neatly organize the notifications and quicktoggles by diving them into sections. Swiping down from the top left brings up the notificationspanel.

And swiping down from the right brings up the brand new iOS control center. Yep,the control center is a new feature that helps to quickly tackle the system functionalitieslike Wifi. LTE, Dark Mode & More. To be honest, this all-new control center is simply amazing.And definitely, it’s Inspired from iOS. You can add as many toggles as you want to thissection by using an edit button which is present at the top and notice that background blureffect. And yeah, this Control center is dynamically optimized based on the system theme. Meaningwhenever you turn on the dark mode, it may dim the light colors and gives comfort forthe eyes. Detailed Visual SettingsAlong with the revamped control center, MIUI 12 also added new visual changes to the settings.Inside the My device section, you can see the storage container filled with a cool liquidanimation that uses the sensor of the system to dynamically track the axes and flows accordingly.Take a look at this super fresh look of the storage space and it looks fantastic. Thisgives a more idea about used space and available space to the end-user. Battery & Performance Now, under the battery & performance, youcan see the cool animation that reveals the amount of percent left inside the battery.There is an improved Ultra battery saver mode that has tweaked in MIUI 12 aims to improvethe battery life to the next level.

Pretty useful in worst-case scenarios. Screen timeMiui 12 also brings a redesigned screen time. It now looks clean & neat. And the users mayable to easily understand the screen usage of their device. Compared to Stock Android,Xiaomi has done an amazing job of providing detailed information about the usage withfancy animations. Focus Mode The Focus mode lets you keep away from yourphone if you get addicted. This is completely revamped and looks super fresh. When the focusmode is turned on you will not be able to use the phone except the camera and emergencycalls. This won’t be turned off until the evaluation of the time. PrivacyMiui 12 also brings enhanced privacy to Xiaomi devices. For instance, you can now chooseto grant permissions to apps only once or only while youre using them. Permissionswill be revoked once youre done using an app. For apps that dont clarify the useof permissions on your phone, the Always Allow option will not be provided.

There is a new feature called permission notifications.when this feature is enabled it shows the app behavior on the status bar by lettingthe user of what permission the app is using currently. This way you see more informationabout the particular application and its permissions. Lastly, One of the most interring featuresof MIUi 12, is the floating windows. The name implies floating applications flow on thescreen this means simultaneously you can work with background app and foreground on thescreen. Its an easy practice, for example whenever you get a notification, you can pullthe messaging application to see the more content instead of jumping into it.

As ofknow, the floating app feature is only compatible with few applications and I believe more appswill support in the final build. Other features include,While booting thePhone, you can see the all-new boot loader Unlock icon at the top. The status of theunlocked boot loader of your device in Miui 12 is moved from the bottom to the top. Also,AICalling & Health tracking has Improved in MIUI 12. Users can record their health activitieslike walking, cycling, and more when the phone is inside their pockets.

For that precisiontracking, Xiaomi uses a motion behavior algorithm to record accurate health data and also savespower at the same time. Overall I would say, MIUI 12 is the sweetestsurprise to all Xiaomi users, it’s a complete visual Makeover compared to the previous MIUIversions. IF you want to install MIUI 12 on your Device well check out the link in thedescription box down below & Stay tuned I will drop an installation video in a few hours.Thanks for watching this video. Its been KSK ROYAL, I will catch you in my next video..

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