New Microsoft Teams features rolled out

If you or your business uses the MS Teams suite of apps to collaborate with internal and external colleagues, partners, and customers, you may be interested in the latest features that have been rolling out in Microsoft Teams in recent weeks.

Includes the latest updates and features added to Microsoft Teams Multi-language meeting call controlAnd the multitasking board for meetings on the iPad, Meet chat bubbles on iOS and Android, The role of the meeting organizerthe ability to disable write access to chat for anonymous or unauthenticated users, Integrated trolley cart caption in meetings on the web, Live Comments Voice typing for Teams web meetings and more.

“We continue to move into the world of the hybrid. Meetings, chats and collaborative experiences should be as inclusive and connected as possible. This month we are focusing on the ‘Co-Organizer Role’ of a meeting and the positive impact that role brings to your meetings. Also, new and improved versions of language and meeting invitations will allow more people to Feeling more comfortable participating in discussions. There is a lot of richness in this month’s blog. We look forward to your comments.”

New Microsoft Teams features

Chat bubbles are now available for iOS and Android users. When chat bubbles are enabled, chat messages appear on the mobile screen where you can preview the two most recent messages. You no longer need to manually open the chat window within the meeting to see what participants are writing. You can pause it in the current meeting By tapping on the snooze icon.Otherwise, you can also turn it off permanently by tapping “Don’t show chat bubbles” in the “Other Actions (…)” menu.

“Multilingual Teams meeting invitation control allows admins to view joining information in meeting invitations in up to two languages ​​across all email systems. With this feature, you can customize meeting invitations to include languages ​​that your users are most familiar with and comfortable in. Administrators can apply a new policy in their management portal by enabling the MeetingInviteLanguages ​​parameter in CsTeamsMeetingPolicy at the user or group level, or for the entire organization.”

For a complete list of all the latest updates, features, and additions to the Microsoft Teams suite of services and apps to the official tech community website, follow the link below.

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