New NVIDIA Neural Graphics SDKs

NVIDIA announced the release of the new version of Neuro Graphics SDK To help make Metaverse content creation accessible to everyone, providing over 10 different tools and software including new additions in the form of NeuralVDB and Kaolin Wisp to enable rapid 3D content creation for designers and creators around the world. Neural graphics SDKs can be used to create 3D objects for games, virtual worlds, and construction scenes.

Kaolin Wisp

In addition to Kaolin, the PyTorch library enables faster research in 3D deep learning by reducing the time required to test and implement new technologies from weeks to days. Kaolin Wisp is a research-oriented library in neural fields, which creates a common set of tools and a framework for accelerating new research in neural fields.

Neoral VDB

A groundbreaking improvement over OpenVDB, the current industry standard for volumetric data storage. Using machine learning, NeuralVDB delivers compressed neural representations, significantly reducing the memory footprint to allow for high-resolution 3D data.

Neuro Graphics SDK

“To simplify and shorten this process, NVIDIA today released new research and a wide range of tools that apply the power of Neural Graphics to creating animations for 3D objects and worlds. These SDKs — including NeuralVDB, a leading update to the industry standard OpenVDB, and Kaolin Wisp, a library Pytorch that creates a framework for neural field research – facilitates the creative process for designers while making it easier for millions of non-professional users to create 3D content.”

“Neural graphics is a new field that combines AI and graphics to create an accelerated graphics pipeline that learns from data. AI integration enhances results, helps automate design choices, and provides new, unimagined opportunities for artists and creators. Neural graphics will redefine how virtual worlds are created, simulated, and experienced.” by users”.

Source: NVIDIA

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