New Samsung AI 11KG Custom Made Washing Machine

Samsung has announced that it is launching a new range of AI 11KG SpaceMax bespoke washing machines in the UK.

The range includes Series 5, 5+, 6+ and 8 washers, with SpaceMax™ technology and comes with a range of features.

Dan Harvey, Vice President of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics (UK & Ireland) Ltd. said: “Our new broad range of large capacity washing machines benefit from being in the most energy efficient, A-rated class. Additionally, using innovative SpaceMax™ technology, we have been able to: The installation of a larger sized drum in a standard cabinet with a depth of 600 mm, allowing for larger wash loads of up to 11 kg. This will undoubtedly be encouraging for busy families with children, especially those who are particularly active outside the home and pile on more laundry than average! Plus, our unique AI-powered ecobubble™ technology generates bubbles that help wash clothes at cooler temperatures, meaning you can remove stubborn everyday stains with less heat so you can save on energy bills too.”

You can find out more information about Samsung’s new Bespoke AI 11KG SpaceMax washers at the link below. The range starts at £659 and is available in a choice of black and white colours.

The source is Samsung

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