New Samsung Flip Pro Interactive Display

in ISTELive 2022 This week, Samsung Electronics is showing off a new device interactive screen Designed to provide students with impactful and immersive learning. Available in two sizes of 75 or 85 inches, the Samsung Flip Pro is designed to provide teachers with the ability to deliver “Dynamic lessons, spark active learning and inspire better learning outcomes for all students. Check out the promo below to learn more about Samsung’s latest interactive display and its features.

Flip Pro Interactive Display

“Teachers and students can instantly bring bold new ideas to life with Samsung’s best-in-class multi-touch display with just 26ms latency for an intuitive, real-world writing and drawing experience. Flip Pro sparks interaction in the classroom by making it easy to access Multimedia content and view from any device with multiple connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, DP and OPS slots.

Teachers can also connect the monitor to any network and other devices through the LAN port and wireless screen mirroring. The Flip Pro offers 3-in-1 USB-C connectivity with a single port for screen mirroring, touch control, and external device charging (max. 65W).

Whether used in a co-educational or in-person learning environment, Flip Pro seamlessly connects teachers and students across devices to enable immersive interactive learning. Ideal for 1:1 technology schools, the SmartView+ feature allows up to 50 students to connect their devices wirelessly, with multi-display Up to six screens.

The monitor is compatible with leading educational software and applications, such as Google Classroom, Google Duo, Office 365 and MimioConnect, as well as cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. This makes it easy for teachers to video conference, measure comprehension, and share interactive lessons and assignments – creating classrooms where everyone can participate and excel. A newly added front control panel, brightness control sensors, and four front and rear speakers enhance the overall teaching experience. “

Source: Samsung

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