Nothing in Dead Island 2 makes me happy

After a rough development, Dead Island 2 has a release date and the trailers show a nonsensical game, but it looks a lot of fun.

After a decade of waiting, dead island 2 Release date set for Gamescom 2022. CGI show tune for dead island 2 Fairly light, especially when compared to the trailer for the first game, and it seems to embrace a certain level of sarcasm this time around. As of February 3, 2023, players can start a new journey in Los Angeles that is full of zombies.

It was originally scheduled to be released in 2015. dead island 2 I’ve had problems developing it with changing studios I’m working on more than once. These issues seem to be in the past now, and dead island 2 He got the release date back. dead island 2 Happens within months after the first death island It features locations in California.

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It seems dead island 2 It takes a completely different path compared to its predecessor. Instead of working to create a story full of intense emotions in the trailer, dead island 2 He adopts a careless attitude that is amusing, but meaningless. Players witness a day in the life of Jacob, one of the six playable characters, in a trailer that has all the magic of a B-list movie. Jacob doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary. He’s just going on a shopping trip, slashing a treasure trove of zombies on his way. dead island 2 It doesn’t feature an emotional story, and tends to kill illogical zombies is a smart choice from the developers.

Dead Island 2 doesn’t need to be fun

One of the biggest revelations about Gamescom 2022 opening night, dead island 2 It does not happen on an island. Players head to California, which isn’t so much an island, in hopes of trying another game of great beauty. The gameplay in the first game was well received, and the focus on melee combat appears to be returning with the scenes included in the game demo. death island It was full of bugs and technical issues, and the story didn’t make much sense, but these issues made it fun. For this dead island 2 She has to stay on her current course where she doesn’t take herself too seriously. It’s a recipe for creating a cult classic.

Occasionally, a zombie game is released that doesn’t have a very heavy storyline and focuses on fun gameplay, like Capcom’s resurrect the dead series. trailers dead island 2 Make it look like it will be the perfect hack-and-slash game to relieve stress from life. The long wait seems worth it, but hopefully dead island 2 It will not be very polished upon release.

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