NVIDIA Open Source Material Definition Language

in Seagrave 2022 This month, NVIDIA announced the full open source of Material Definition Language (MDL), including MDL Distiller and GLSL backend technologies. “MDL opens material representations from existing silos, allowing them to traverse software ecosystems. It can be used to select physically complex and delicate materials by reducing material complexity to enhance performanceNVIDIA explains. The NVIDIA MDL SDK is a set of tools created to enable the rapid integration of physical based materials into display applications.

NVIDIA frther states that it is an open source MDL Distiller to enable best-in-class MDL support applications for all types of viewers. “Designed as a companion technology to the MDL SDK and Language, Distiller is a fully automated solution to simplify all MDL materials into a reduced texture model for a simpler renderer. As a renderer developer, you can now provide Distiller-related MDL rules, instead of providing materials artists with simpler textures for simple renderers.”

Open Source Material Definition Language (MDL)

“The MDL can now be used to compose a single, high-quality, single-truth material without having to make compromises or variants for less capable renderers. The approximation and simplification is up to the software. Once the renderer has improved capabilities, for example, the MDL Distiller bases can be upgraded and legacy materials improved without the need for Content re-authoring. New open source GLSL backend technologies provide MDL support for renderer developers based on OpenGL or Vulkan, bridging the gap to established graphical API standards. The MDL Distiller and GLSL backend will enable many developers to take advantage of the power of MDL.”

“By opening physical representations, artists are free to work across ecosystems while maintaining a physical appearance. This means that a material can be created once and then shared across multiple applications. The ability to share physical materials between supporting applications, along with flexibility of use in the exhibitors is And platforms such as NVIDIA Omniverse, a major advantage of MDL. This flexibility saves time and effort in many workflows and pipelines.”

Source: NVIDIA

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