Once again, Apple TV+ has the highest rated content of any streaming service

Once again, for the second year in a row, Apple TV+ still holds the title of having the highest rated content of any streaming service available. The study compares Apple’s video service with Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+ and Hulu. Analysis from Self Financial uses IMDb results with US customer data.

According to the study, Apple TV+ has the highest average IMDb score for its streaming library (7.08) for the second year in a row, even though it still has the smallest content library.

In addition, Apple TV + now has high-quality family content (7.34) thanks to programs like fragil rock And the Charlie Brown. However, Disney+ is the quantitative winner with 1,139 child-friendly titles, 1,101 more than the Apple TV+ library.

The company’s streaming service also features the highest rated action, adventure, and war content but fewer than 15 titles in each category. Last but not least, Apple TV+’s average rating for drama was 3.9 in 2021, but it’s now 7.34 in 2022, the highest rating of any streaming service.

When we talk about competitors, Hulu has the highest quality of 4K content while Netflix has over 667 titles. Here are some other anecdotes:

  • HBO Max offers the best “premium” quality movies for every dollar spent on the cheapest subscription at 23 movies per dollar;
  • Netflix has 2.7 times more “premium quality” TV shows than its closest competitor, HBO Max (619 vs. 230);
  • Netflix added the most new shows/movies (1,404) from 2021 to 2022, but Apple TV+ added the highest percentage increase to its library (55.78%).

The Apple TV+ strategy is still paying off

For another year, it’s interesting to see Apple’s approach pay off. After Apple TV+ acquired the same title last year with more than 70 titles, the company has now doubled the size of its library but still offers high-quality content.

This year, the company won the most important Best Picture award at the Academy Awards kuda And he has a lot of new titles in the near future. for her TV shows, to cutAnd the I crashedAnd the pachinko It was praised. In addition, some of its hottest shows are also getting new seasons like for all mankindAnd the morning showAnd the Ted LassoAnd the Establishmentand much more.

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