[Music] what’s up guys demon here so as we know that oneplus will debut the oneplus 10 series next year a new leak has now revealed what could be the first major improvement over the oneplus 9 pro and while it’s a welcome advancement it’s unlikely to set hearts of fans racing oneplus has no plans to launch a oneplus 9t or 90 pro this year while the company is still expected to release the oneplus 9rt that phone isn’t an actual flagship phone and oneplus next proper flagships will be the

oneplus 10 series a new leak has now revealed some information about the oneplus 10 series the oneplus 10 pro in particular supposedly the oneplus 10 pro will offer better zoom capabilities than its predecessor the oneplus 9 pro according to leaker bald panda the oneplus 10 pro will deliver 5x optical zoom finally catching to its chinese rivals phones like the huo ap 30 pro mi 10 ultra and vivo x60 pro plus have all offered 5x optical zoom the oneplus 9 pro however was limited to 3.3 x optical

zoom that will change with the oneplus 10 pro thankfully while better zoom is a welcome improvement oneplus fans are more likely concerned about the camera quality of the main lens the oneplus 9 pro for example was heavily marketed for its use of hasselblad technology but that doesn’t seem to have helped to bridge the gap between it and flagships like the galaxy s21 and iphone 12 series the term oneplus 10 might evoke prospective images of smartphones with rear panels crafted so as to accentuate their brand’s hasselblad partnership which will move into its second year on the series’s reveal in 2022 however a new tip purports to roundly debunk such wistful ideas concerning the bbk electronic subsidiary’s plans for its upcoming

flagships oneplus may have borne the motto never settled throughout its history however according to the earlier leak from yajishbrar when it comes to the 10 series aesthetics it has gone and done the opposite braar now asserts that the upcoming premium devices are polished versions of the current 9 series this implies that their design will largely be reused albeit with some refinements for their successors the tipster has presented this news alongside indications that oneplus might intend to further expand its nord mid-range line in the near future so what do you guys think about the new improvement leak of 5x optical zoom for oneplus 10 series let me know your thoughts in the comments section and i’ll see you guys in the next one peace out [Music] you

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