Oppo: a future Reno could embed a hidden webcam in a section

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Oppo has filed a patent that could be used for a future Reno. This document explains how a webcam could be integrated into a motorized drawer hidden not in the upper edge of the mobile, but on a side edge. An alternative to the solutions already offered by Oppo with the first two generations of Reno.

oppo patent webcam side drawer

Oppo has long worked to maximize the ratio between the surface of the screen of a smartphone and the space available on the front. Of course, it is not yet possible to reach 100%. But removing the borders helps. To delete them, a new location must be found for the environmental sensors and the webcam. It is especially the webcam which poses problem to the designers.

Notch (Reno 3). Hole ( Reno 3 Pro ). Sliding frame (Find X). Motorized drawer (Reno and Reno 2). Oppo has tried many alternatives. The firm even presented a prototype whose webcam is placed behind the touch screen. Until this option is fairly qualitative, manufacturers will have to rely on existing techniques. And Oppo had an idea: create an alternative to the sliding drawer that would no longer be placed in the upper section, but in one of the side sections .

A photo block with integrated drawer

This idea was revealed by the publication of a patent filed with the Chinese intellectual property management office CNIPA. The filing dates from September 6, 2018. It was only validated today January 3, 2020 under the number CN305530535S. And it presents a new way to integrate a webcam drawer into a smartphone. The above visuals accompany this patent and are only fictitious 3D renderings, not a real mobile.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOUOPPO RENO: we TAKEN IN HAND the smartphones with SHARK FINNow playing

The most interesting in these visuals, it is not the location of the technical elements or the different ports that are detailed. All this could change in a future smartphone. What is interesting is the way the main photo block and the motorized drawer are integrated with each other . Usually, the photo block is integrated only on the back cover of the phone. Here, it extends on the edge. And it is from this block that the webcam drawer emanates. What are the advantages ? Difficult to know. In our opinion, this could provide additional protection or limit the risk of breakage.

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