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This year is almost “closed door” and not a few smartphone manufacturers are preparing to release the device next year. Especially at the beginning of the year there will be a CES […]

One more smartphone made by OPPO appears in Geekbench. It is suspected that it is OPPO A7 which is supported by the Snapdragon 450 chipset and runs on the Android 8.1 operating system. Yes! There are two variants that appear, […]

The three latest iPhone models that have been introduced by Apple this year are not just a smartphone that is so popular. In many developing countries, the smartphone can also be a status […]

In April this year Xiaomi has released the Mi 8 . And it is very possible that the smartphone manufacturer from China will release the Mi 9 with topnotch specifications next year. In connection with this, […]

Enliven the 11.11 shopping program at Lazada , Realme again reaped success. Yes! Realme managed to sell all three series, namely Realme 2 , Realme 2 Pro and Realme C1 to touch the number 40 thousand units in 21 minutes. […]

In June 2018, CEO of OnePlus , Pete Lau, told PC Mag that OnePlus had spoken with one of the telecommunications operators in the United States. Yes! In the discussion, the focus was more […]

As we know, Huawei packs the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with various advanced features in it. There are three back camera support, 3D face recognition, a fingerprint reader on the screen, wireless charging […]

As we have previously reported, LG has recently offered a new patent regarding the smartphone it developed. Yes! The patent is closely related to the front camera which will later be loaded in the […]

After leaks were talked about on the internet, Samsung finally released some time ago Galaxy J4 Core . Yes! This is Samsung’s second Android Go smartphone that appeared this year after previously releasing Samsung Galaxy J2 Core. Smartphone that is predicted […]

Xiaomi further strengthens its commitment in the Indonesian market. This they proved by inaugurating the latest Authorized Mi Store as well as the first in Bali. The Mi Store itself occupies Ruko Teuku Umar No. 9 […]

In recent years Huawei has been superior in the chipset industry for mobile devices. The latest breakthrough offered by Huawei is the presence of the Kirin 980 chipset which they introduced at the […]