Pixel 6a inches toward launch, as it goes live at Best Buy

It’s been over a month since Google announced the Pixel 6a during I/O 2022, but we still have a month to wait for the device to launch. The Pixel 6a is slowly moving in this direction, even though it just launched at Best Buy this week.

Pixel 6a will be on sale at Best Buy

Live As of this week, the Pixel 6a is now available through Best Buy on a listing that says the device is “coming soon.” Of course, we know when the phone will be available for pre-orders on July 21, with official sales arriving soon after.

The Pixel 6a at Best Buy is the same phone sold via the Google Store, but buyers have the option to buy with the carrier in mind, often receiving a discount in the process. Alternatively, the unlocked version is also on sale through the retailer.

Notably, the Pixel 6a is available in all three colors; Sage, charcoal and chalk.

Pricing remains the same, and Best Buy financing offers $449 for $37.42 per month for 12 months.

It shows that we are not getting a lukewarm version

Selling the Pixel 6a at Best Buy, especially in all three colors, only supports what we already knew – Google isn’t pulling the punches with the Pixel 6a.

Whereas last year the recognized great Pixel 5a was sold only through the Google Store, and only in two regions is the new Tensor-powered mid-ranger being sold through partners, and in every country Google has been selling the Pixel in — the company is launching The device is in India, which is the first time Google has sold a device there in nearly two years.

It’s also interesting that Best Buy is pushing some high profile announcements about the upcoming release. If you search for “Pixel 5a” or even “Pixel”, you will be greeted with a sign that says “Help is on the way.” The logo then allows users to sign up for notifications when the Pixel 6a launches.

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