PlayStation standalone games arriving in August 2022

This week, Sony revealed details of new indie games that will arrive in August 2022. Featured games include gigabash Which will launch in a few days on August 5 and will be available on both PS4 and PS5.

Pregnancy worship It launches on August 11th again on PS4 and PS5. Rollerdrome Arrives on August 16 and cursing golf A few days later on August 18 with I was a teenager outside colonialism It will start on August 25th and finally encryption It will be launched on August 30th. Check out the trailers below to learn more about each one.

“It’s August and things are really getting hotter – and we’re not just getting outdoors. There’s a huge wave of new indie games coming on PS4, PS5 and PS VR this month*, covering a variety of genres and play styles. Here you’ll find action Athletic idiots, death-defying stunts, weird wordplay, and even a terrifying “vacation” to a secluded cabin…all without the risk of sunburn. Take a look at some of this month’s highlights to plan your next adventure.”



Skate…or Die! The developers on Roll7 continue their roller-coaster adventure in a darker style in the world of roller sports. In a dystopian retro future, the world’s population needs a distraction from the social and political conflict around them, so they turn to The hottest sport of 2030: Rollerdrome Slip into the snowboard boots of Rollerdrome star Kara Hassan and get ready to test your wits, guns and style Learn how to impress the beaming crowds with tricks while dodging heavily armed enemies and returning fire with your personal arsenal, and use PS5 features like triple audio Dimensions and haptic feedback to enhance your combat prowess.”


“A wise man once said, ‘Trust the heart of the cards. This is very good advice for Inscryption, the latest from Daniel Mullins Games, because your life is hostage to a strange world of card games. Trapped in a room with no idea who you are or how you got there, you find yourself in the whims of Leshy, a mysterious being who offers you salvation through Play his arcade game.With the help of a handful of friendly monsters, you’ll need to build decks to beat this dark game and find a way to escape.Unique features like console speaker sound and mood lighting enhance the horror, and PS5 players get extra haptic feedback for more …acute moments.”

Source: Sony

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