Resident Evil 2 PC Remake disappoints Digital Foundry

In addition to the PS5 vs XBox performance test focused on the new ray tracing and 120Hz mode in Resident Evil 7, the team at Digital Foundry was disappointed by the PC Resident Evil 2 Remake Saying that “Capcom outlets simply aren’t good enough”.

Watch the embedded video below to learn more about exactly where Capcom slipped and what you can expect from the PC version of Resident Evil 2 Remake which was launched earlier this month. It’s worth noting that in the video, Digital Foundry shows at 00:05:07 that you’re stuck with only SSAO. This is incorrect and to unlock the other AO options, you need to make sure that the RT switch is set to off, after which the other options will appear.

Resident Evil 2 Remake PC Analysis

Capcom’s new patches for Resident Evil 2 Remake, its sequel and Resident Evil 7 have received generally positive reviews from DF staff in their console iterations. However, Capcom’s approach to PC is lackluster and disappointing. Alex takes a look at the three most Demanding – Resident Evil 2 Remake – and comes out shocked and disappointed with an upgrade that, for the most part, is anything but. Why treat PC gamers like second-rate citizens? If you don’t use RT or your GPU doesn’t support RT – ie The situation for most users – this is actually a huge downturn.”

Source: Digital Foundry

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