Resident Evil Extra Mercenary Orders

Resident Evil Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda took to the official PlayStation Blog this week to reveal more details about the upcoming release of the game. Additional orders for mercenaries Resident Evil Village game content. The new content will be officially released on October 28, 2022 and pre-orders for the winter expansion too Resident Evil Village The Gold Edition is now available.

To learn more about the new playable characters in the additional mercenary commands and the special bonus item available with pre-purchases as well as a little gameplay, check out the trailer included below or head over to the official PlayStation Blog by following the link below.

Resident Evil Mercenaries Additional Orders

The first character is someone that many of you know well: a hero throughout the series, Chris Redfield. As a legendary hero, Chris uses many firearms in addition to his powerful strength. When you defeat enemies with Chris, the attack meter will increase. Once completed, you can unleash his unique status in Attack. In this mode, Chris’ movement speed, reload speed, and attack damage are greatly increased, and you can take full control of the battlefield. If you can take down an enemy with Straight Punch, you will also get a huge boost to Onslaught Gauge meter.”

“The second is Karl Heisenberg, one of the four lords serving Mother Miranda. This character uses a huge hammer, and also has the ability to control magnetic forces. You charge electricity by swinging the hammer and hitting it on the ground, then releasing all that energy to cause damage over a wide area. By activating Heisenberg’s magnetic field, you can draw an enemy close to you. Some attacks become more powerful under the magnetic field as well.”

“The third and final character is everyone’s favourite, Alcina Dimitrescu! She is also one of the Four Lords serving Mother Miranda. Standing over nine feet tall, Mrs. Dimitrescu makes her way between enemies with her claws. Her unique Thrill Gauge scale increases by attacking Enemies or with the item “Lady’s Lipstick”. As the trigger meter increases, Lady Dimitrescu’s movement speed and nail damage increases, and new moves are unlocked as well. When the gauge reaches its maximum, the damage will also be at its peak.

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