Rumored! 2020 iPhone may come with under-screen fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm

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It’s rumored weekly that the new iPhone will be launched in 2020 or next year. The latest news has revealed that there may be a chance that the new iPhone will come with a fingerprint scanner under the screen, a new version is possible.


The latest report from the Economic Daily News has revealed that the new iPhone that will be released by the end of 2020 may come with a new version of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm, which has conflicts with previous media rumors. The office expects Apple to bring the fingerprint scanner to the iPhone in 2021, but reports from famous analysts and some well-known news agencies believe that Apple may launch Touch ID. A new model that is expected to use the latest ultrasonic technology by 2020 or 2021 is possible.


According to the report, according to Gordon Thomas from Qualcomm at the MWC 2019, the company is preparing to deliver a new generation of Samsung’s better under-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. S10 Series and Galaxy Note 10 Series are also available, and a few days ago, Qualcomm has released a new version of the under-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The sensor is 17 times larger than Samsung (covering the display area of ​​30 × 20 mm), allowing more space to support fingerprint scanning than ever before. By preparing to deliver to a large smartphone manufacturer from next year onwards It is possible that Apple may bring the fingerprint sensor to be used with the iPhone Pro version that will be released at the end of next year. 

Qualcomm's new in-display ultrasonic fingerprint

However, there is still almost a year left for Apple to announce the release of a new iPhone. Which, if on the website, we have information and more details of this matter Will hurry to update immediately

Source: macrumors

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