Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – ON FULL SWING

samsung is on full swing with the marketing of the s22 series hey guys i hope you all are doing great so we are getting closer to the s22 unpacked event which has now been confirmed to take place on february 9th and samsung has even released the second official teaser trailer for the s22 lineup the video which was unveiled alongside the announcement shows a video recording during a pitch black night and ends with the phrase break through the night and break the rules of the light

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Bakal Hadir Dengan Memori Lebih Kecil

according to the trailer video the forthcoming smartphone will be paired with the enhanced camera and sensor that can overcome some of the limitations of filming at night tm row president and head of the samsung’s mobile experience unit has stated in a recent editorial on the company’s website that they are planning to introduce the most significant series smartphone they have ever made powered by either qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 or exynos 2200 depending on your location there will be three models in the s22 series the samsung galaxy s22 s22 plus and s22 ultra according to reports the galaxy s 22 ultra is the first s galaxy phone to include an integrated s pen therefore ending the galaxy note series i have also

obtained real life photos of a few official case types for the galaxy s 22 series hands-on video shows the galaxy s 22 and s22 plus leather covers as well as the odd galaxy s22 ultra smart clear view cover the later was first shown in the renders and today’s real life photograph shows the same strange design with a square cutout for the always on display the official covers are wrapped on dummy galaxy s22 handsets as evidenced by the fake rear facing camera’s tiny aperture the cases on the other hand look to be extremely real and they confirm a few things we already knew about the galaxy s22 series the galaxy s22 and s22 plus will have similar designs that stick to the s line design language while the galaxy s 22 ultra will be quite

different it comes with a built-in s pen holster a new camera housing and a square corners the galaxy s22 ultra looks a lot like the galaxy note 20 ultra even when it’s not encased in a protective case and that’s because it is despite not bearing the note brand although nothing is official until it is most reports so far indicated that samsung has decided on the galaxy s22 ultra moniker for its next premium device as seen in the photos on screen on february 9 samsung will reveal the galaxy s 22 series at unpack 2022 it should cost roughly the same in europe as the galaxy s21 family did when it was released last year though all three variants will most likely come with less accessories so what are your thoughts on these s22 cases let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe the channel for more tech news like this with that said i will see you in the next one

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