[Music] today we have incredible news about the samsung galaxy z fold 4 and that’s coming up right after this [Music] so today we’ve got plenty of good news about the samsung galaxy z fault 4 that makes it a big step up from its predecessor before we get started though please like the video if you’re a fan of samsung let me know in the comments what your opinions on foldable phones are and if you haven’t already then hit subscribe now so you don’t miss a thing in the future so with the z-fold 3 released all attention is now on the upcoming galaxy z fold 4 we’ve already got plenty of leaks the first leak comes from frontron who tweeted to say that the galaxy z fold 4 is going to have an under panel camera on the inside as well as the outside surprising news given the poor quality of the under display camera we’ve got on the predecessor but let’s not forget that they will have had another year to perfect it and under display camera technology is where samsung have already said that they’re aiming for on the other side to that we know that the s22 is not going to have an in-display selfie camera as it’s only got one selfie camera and reports say that the quality is still not good enough so is six months really going to be

enough to perfect it he also states that the galaxy z fold four is gonna have a better camera setup overall and it’s gonna be like the s22 flagship now he doesn’t state which s22 but i’m assuming he does mean the ultra and if that’s the case that we can expect a 108 megapixel wide angle as the primary a 12 megapixel ultrawide and a 12 megapixel telephoto it always seems to be a bit of a disappointment for many users it’s such a premium phone like the fold that comes with an average camera system so this could be a good move from samsung although keep in mind it will no doubt raise the cost of the z-fold form now next up we’ve got a leak from chun v who states that all current prototypes for the z-fold 4 have a built-in s pen while its predecessor was the first to support it there was nowhere to hold it inside the fold so this is great news for s-pen fans now this seems a likely move as it was the same with the s range the 21 ultra was the first to support it then the s22

ultra is reportedly the first to house it so they’re just following the same strategy but for the z fold fall next up we’ve got a leak from lanzurk on navarre blog and he further backs up tron’s leaked about improved under panel cameras and being placed both internally and externally he goes on to say that the weight is also going to be reduced and this is mainly thanks to a new hinge on the z-fold form he advises that there’s going to be improved waterproofing and dust proofing with this new hinge and one not mentioned i really hope that there is an improvement in the crease in the center of the display many have already started to complain about the creasing in the center of its predecessor and it’s just one of those things that is unfortunately going to keep getting worse with time now landscape stated that the battery is going to be pretty much the same as before so we can make assumptions that the display size is also not going to be changing now this makes sense as samsung previously said that they were focusing on the portability of folding devices so making the z-fold four the same size but lighter is going to help achieve this now finally he says that the release date is going to be the same as the previous generations which means the z-fold 4 should be coming in august 22.

Now i’m unfamiliar with lanzac leaks so while i suggest taking it with a pinch of salt for now they will seem pretty plausible leaks when we look at the previous release patterns he also said the z-fold 4 is going to be cheaper but personally i just don’t see that happening if they’re improving the hinge and giving it a better camera system on top of all the other hardware like the latest flagship cpu then i just don’t see how they could achieve this the only reason i can think of is if they have improved the manufacturing efficiency but i just don’t see that happening this year when it comes to the design it’s probably going to stay roughly the same and be more refinements rather than changes given that they’ve opted for a water drop style cameras in the s range now i wouldn’t be surprised if we saw that on the fold form but overall it’s looking like a great device and with reports of other foldables like the pixel fold being cancelled it’s a great opportunity for samsung to continue

increasing its own market share in foldable phones now for those excited for the galaxy z fold 4 though we’re now going to run through the full specs design and the expected pricing to help you guys decide if this could be the phone for you so with the galaxy z fold 4 we’re getting a 7.6 inch 120 hertz dynamic amoled display for the main inner display well it’s very similar to the predecessor we’re expecting improvements in brightness color accuracy and durability of the screen it’s coming with a resolution of 2208 by 1768 and this gives us 374 pixels per inch for the external cover display we get a 6.2 inch 120 hertz dynamic amoled display and again it’s the same size and refresh rate as the predecessor but we expect improvements in brightness and color accuracy and it will be a full screen display with no punch or camera it comes with a resolution of 832 by 2268 it’s going to be protected by gorilla glass victors last year the ultra thin glass protecting the display one more

durable it was 30 micrometers thick according to a new report they now have access to 60 micrometer ultra thin glass that should still be flexible enough for the z-fold form now this means that better durability and protection for the z-fold 4 and we’re hoping that it can prevent or at least improve the centerfold creasing when it comes to the selfie cameras that surprisingly enough we’ve got an in-display selfie camera for the internal and the external display well the internal under panel camera wasn’t very good on the predecessor we’re hoping that they have made plenty of improvements to make it a more usable camera now we also only had a four megapixel under panel camera before so we’re hoping to see 10 megapixel selfie cameras on the internal and the external display now on the rear we’re reportedly getting the first flagship camera system on the z-fold 4 and it should be similar to the s22 ultra now this means we’ll be getting a 108 megapixel primary

camera a 12 megapixel ultrawide and a 12 megapixel telephoto while the zoom on the telephoto is currently unknown it’s likely to be three times or five times optical zoom it’s coming with 12 gigabytes of the new ddr5x ram that has much faster transfer speeds than the normal ddr5 and we’ll also be getting a choice of 256 or 512 storage and this will be ufs 3.1 it’s going to be powered by the snapdragon 8 gen1 system on chip and this is the new naming for what would have been the snapdragon 898 and it’s coming with a 4 400 milliamp hour battery the fast charging is expected to increase up to 45 watt fast charge we of course get wireless and reverse wireless charging but the speeds of these are not known at this time it’s going to ship with one ui4 based on android 12 but the color choices are also unknown at the moment and there’s been a couple of leaks to say that pricing will be reduced again for the zfold 4 but nothing solid yet now personally i don’t see this

happening so i estimate that we can see the z-fold four starting from around eighteen hundred dollars so overall it’s looking like a great foldable phone from samsung with the z-fold four they appear to be working on more refinements rather than a complete redesign and it is a sensible move market share on foldables is increasing year on year and with little competition in the market it puts samsung in a very good position of course it’s still early days at the moment so information can change as different prototypes are discovered but as we approach august more and more leaks are going to come in and i’ll be sharing them as they do but as always i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments so who out there is excited for the z fold 4 and who was thinking about getting one but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and i’ll see you guys in the next one you

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