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SwitchBot offers a range of products to bring smart components into your home. From automatic blinds-openers to hands-free lighting and security devices, the SwitchBot range can ease your journey into smart home products.

I live in a stupid house. Built a hundred years ago with solid brick interior walls, it does not receive any Wi-Fi signal based device. Right now I have a Wi-Fi system around the house trying to get some sort of Wi-Fi signal in every room. I also have Wi-Fi repeaters to power my robot vacuums like the Dreame Bot D10 Plus in testing across the property. So a home is not an ideal candidate for a smart home environment.

But I really like the benefits of a smart home and I want some of the benefits it offers. So my journey there began with some technology from SwitchBot. SwitchBot sells a range of products that will start your way to the smart home. Ranging from curtain rods and motors to automatically adjust blinds to automatic humidifiers and LED strip lights, there will be something to start with.

My SwitchBot Starter Bundle included two $29 SwitchBot smart button pushers, two $19 SwitchBot one-touch remote controls, a $14.99 thermometer and hygrometer, and a $39 SwitchBot hub.

The SwitchBot push-button device is designed to be attached using an adhesive pad to a switch so that when the switch is called, a mechanical arm extends from the device housing and actually operates the light switch or power switch.

Switch Bot Remote Eileen Brown XDA Developers

SwitchBot Programmable Remote Control Switch

The SwitchBot remote control can be configured in the application to call the button pusher button to turn the switch on or off, or the power supply where the button pusher button is located. It can be used in two ways and in fact, I didn’t need the second remote.

Thermometer and hygrometer passively record temperature and humidity and display them on the app. It is designed to be used with other devices and programmed into the app to operate other devices using the SwitchBot smart switch when the programmed threshold is reached.

If you purchase the right set of SwitchBot items, you can get your smart home up and running fairly easily. In essence, there’s no complicated wiring to do – and you don’t need to use voice control if you don’t want to. Products can be controlled by Switchbot APP, and most devices can be controlled by a remote control. Setup seems fairly easy for each device, and you can easily get your smart home up and running if you want to. You inspired me to give it a try.

    switch bot

    SwitchBot’s range of smart home products and kits will quickly and easily get your home automation system up and running

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SwitchBot Scope: Pricing and Availability

The SwitchBot hardware includes items like the SwitchBot Humidifier Smart Humidifier Filter for $7.99 and the Wi-Fi Smart Lock for $129.99.

SwitchBot Scope: What’s in the Box?

SwitchBot remote control and packaging

SwitchBot Programmable Remote Control for SwitchBot Smart Push Button Control

SwitchBots are a standard set of components that are purchased separately and combined to get the automation solution you want for your home. Each box contains the item itself and a host of other accessories. For example, the $29 SwitchBot Smart Push Button includes the hardware itself, a user manual, a spare adhesive pad, and additional adhesive pads.

This $19 SwitchBot one-touch remote control button includes the remote control, a user manual, and a sticker pad. In fact, only the SwitchBot thermometer and hygrometer didn’t have any sticky pads included in the box because the device itself had a recess to mount it on the wall.

The $14.99 thermometer and hygrometer is designed for use with your $69.99 SwitchBot Smart Humidifier or other compatible devices such as air conditioning units. The thermometer and hygrometer will record the temperature and humidity in the room. It can be programmed in the app to either turn on the air conditioning if the temperature gets too high, or start the smart humidifier if the humidity drops too low.

SwitchBot thermometer and hygrometer eileen brown xda Developers

SwitchBot thermometer and hygrometer

About this review: This review was written after testing a selection of SwitchBot home automation products, which SwitchBot has offered for six weeks. SwitchBot did not have any entries in this article.

Design and features:

SwitchBot has a suite of home automation products that integrate with Alexa, Siri, and Google Home.

  • Simple devices to add home automation to your home
  • No need to change existing switches or hardware
  • Simple setup and installation
  • Integration with existing devices
  • Control from one central location
  • Voice assistant compatibility

The $99 Smart Curtain Rod Electric Motor sits on a curtain rod and can control the opening and closing of blinds or blinds on a set schedule. The small plug will turn off power to appliances remotely, or use a set of rules in the distributor to automate power to the appliance. You can install security cameras to monitor your space and receive instant notifications when activity is detected. Likewise, you can automate aspects of your routine so that you no longer need to remember to do things manually. Obviously, you can turn on the coffee machine or turn on the air conditioner if the temperature reaches a certain point.

SwitchBot Application Management Eileen brown xda Developers

Application screens displaying connected devices, temperature and humidity report, and programmed remote control button actions

Intelligent Automation

SwitchBot Hub Eileen Brown XDA Developers

Programmable SwitchBot Splitter for Universal Infrared Device Control

The $39 SwitchBot Hub will pair with any of your existing IR devices and allow you to control them all using the SwitchBot app on your phone.

In general, you can apply rules to the parser so that when certain conditions are met, the parser will trigger an action with the remote object. Similarly, you can add devices to the app to control a variety of devices from a single app. Then the app acts as a remote control so you can control the device with your phone.

You need to connect the device to the hub and your phone to control the device. Specifically, the device must support infrared. You cannot control the device using bluetooth. Surprisingly, the only downside to creating a remote control center is that if you connect a device category not listed in the app, the device will no longer work with your voice assistant.

Eileen Brown Xda SwitchBot App for Developers

The application indicates whether there are bots nearby, automated scene settings and installed devices

The SwitchBot app installs quickly and connects to every device seamlessly. Helpfully, it detects SwitchBot devices that are in range of the app allowing you to add them to the app and pair the device. Obviously, depending on which SwitchBot product you own, set different configuration options for each unit.

Easy to install and configure

First, I set the SwitchBot to turn on the light in the office. So all I had to do was remove it from its box and peel the sticker off the sticky pad. Then I clamped the board to the ambient light switch making sure that the remote arm would push the switch to activate it. Next I configured the “turn on lights” action in the app.

Switch Boot Extended Eileen Brown XDA Developers

SwitchBot with activated lever extended to push light switch or power button

Finally, I paired the SwitchBot remote with the app so I could use the remote or the app to turn on the light when I wanted. There is about half a second delay between pushing the remote control or calling the command in the app before the light turns on. It usually takes about five seconds to reach the light switch.

acceptable delays?

I felt the delay was more productive than leaving the chair and turning on the lamp manually. Of course, I was annoyed, because even though the mechanical arm rotated from the SwitchBot housing to turn on the lights, I still had to leave my desk to turn off the light. Naturally, I used another bot on the other edge of the light switch and configured this action to turn off the lights.

Switch Bot Bot Lite Switch Eileen Brown Xda for Developers

Two SwitchBot button pushers to control the turning on and off of the left light switch

In fact, I never imagined I would use the remote control to turn the lights on or off. I thought it would be much easier to do this in the app. However, it takes absolutely no time to stop typing, pick up the remote and click to activate the light switch. Undeniably, it would take much longer to unlock the phone, find the app, switch to the right bot, and either turn the light switch on or off.

slight irritation

Although there is something bothering me, I am happy with my settings. Sure, the light switch now looks cumbersome with two robots stuck to the switch housing. In fact, I find it more difficult to turn the light on normally because the robot boxes are on the way. In addition, I lose my remote control bot from time to time and spend a lot of time searching for it. However, since it comes with an adhesive pad, I can stick it to my monitor screen or an easily accessible wall and know where it is at all times.

Old-fashioned keys

The robot will only work on “swing-style” light switches. Furthermore, if you have an older type of switch that uses a light switch, SwitchBot won’t turn it on and off manually. Obviously, finding the right kind of other hardware the hub could control was a challenge. Overall, I wanted to make sure that everything the voice assistant is currently controlling would still work with SwitchBot stuff. Essentially removing automation capabilities is as simple as deleting from the app and getting the sticky pad out of the item.

Who Should Buy a SwitchBot Home Automation Solution?

You should purchase SwitchBot devices if:

  • You want to automate your home without modifying any of your existing devices.
  • Add to your collection of items until you have the automation you want in the rooms you want.
  • The SwitchBot is modular, so you can add components until your home is as smart as you like, or around your budget and grow from there.

Why do I love the SwitchBot range

There is no doubt that SwitchBot smart home products are easy to install, connect and use. In fact, you can buy two items and expand your collection when your budget allows. Moreover, you do not need to get rid of items that will not be of use in your home. Likewise, if a component fails, you will only have to replace that specific component and not the entire assembly. Mainly, you do not need to spend cash on new spare parts every time one of them causes you a problem. So this suits the budget-conscious enthusiast who doesn’t want to replace their electrical system for a smart home.

At $11.99 for a smart thermometer and $39 for a mini hub on Amazon, you can quickly build a universal remote yourself. Then add your existing infrared devices and get some home automation done to start your smart home. Thus, you can increase your home automation product range quickly and on a budget that fits in your pocket.

    switch bot

    A suite of smart home products that are easy to fit in and manage and bring home automation to your life controlled by voice, remote control or an app.

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