Sony ECM-G1 Shotgun Microphone Unveiled

Sony has announced its latest microphone designed for vlogs and more, the Sony Shotgun Microphone ECM-G1.

The Sony Shotgun Microphone ECM-G1 is designed to improve the sound quality when recording videos and is ideal for vlogging.

Clear, high-quality sound plays an important role when capturing video content. The ECM-G1 features a microphone capsule with a large diameter (about 14.6 mm), which provides clear audio range with noise suppression, which greatly improves the quality of video production.

The ECM-G1 is the ideal microphone for vlogging because it captures clear voices, includes a windbreak to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors, and has an improved structure to suppress frequency jitter noise with anti-vibration dampers. When connected to a Sony camera with a Multiple Interface (MI) port, the cableless design eliminates vibration noise transmitted by the cable.

The clear sound array in front of the camera is emphasized with the superior core[i] Ambient sound is turned off to ensure only the audio is captured – great for selfies. Even when shooting indoors, the ECM-G1 is extremely effective in reducing echo pickup from walls and echoes resulting in clear conversational audio collection.

You can find out more details about Sony’s new Shotgun Microphone ECM-G1 at the link below, and it will retail for £145 in the UK and go on sale in August.

The source is Sony

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