Sony unveils DualSense Edge to compete with Xbox Elite – here’s everything we know so far

Sony has announced a new DualSense Edge wireless controller for the PS5 console.

The ultra-customizable console is a first on the Sony game console and is a direct answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite 2 console. The title feature of the new controller is a pair of new back buttons (paddles) that can be configured for any other button input.

Sony also says gamers will be able to swap out these back buttons, as well as the stick covers, for a customized experience. Interestingly, Sony is adding replaceable stick modules for longer life, which will be sold separately.

There are a number of software-based customization options as well, including reset buttons (and deactivating others to create dead zones), and stick sensitivity adjustments. This will be available via a new function button (Fn) that is exclusive to the console. There is also the ability to save up to five multiple profiles that suit different gaming experiences..

Here’s everything we know about the “high-performance” console following the surprise announcement at Gamescom.

Sony DualSense Edge controller price and release date

Sony has yet to announce a fixed price and release date for the DualSense Edge console. He promises more details in the coming months. Hopefully it arrives before the end of 2022. For reference, the Microsoft Xbox Elite 2 sells for £160.

Sony DualSense Edge: Design

While the DualSense Edge’s wider design isn’t much different from its predecessor, Sony has made some notable changes. Basically those back buttons, which are similar to traditional paddles.

Sony also added some tigger locks for both the left and right trigger buttons as well as the ability to change the travel distance within the controller software settings.

In a blog post the company says: “Each trigger is adjustable with options to customize the travel distance and dead zones to your preference. For example, you can manually reduce the travel distance of the triggers for faster input in competitive FPS games or reduce the dead zone for precise throttle control. in racing games.

DualSense wallpaper
Front DualSense Edge

Sony DualSense Edge: what’s in the box?

The new console will come with a carrying case that can also be used to charge the console while it is not in use. It will also be charged with a braided USB-C cable that clips into the charging port. Sony says it will ensure that you stay connected during critical gaming moments.

Interchangeable stick covers (standard, high dome and low dome) and rear buttons (half dome and boom) will also be shipped with the new wireless controller, while stick units will be sold separately.

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