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JSAUX introduced a number of new accessories for Valve’s Steam Deck handheld game console that launched earlier this year and are available for purchase in a number of different configurations. Steam Deck case, docking station, stand, screen protector, and easy-to-use 90-degree adapter connects the Steam Deck cable more precisely and places it further behind the console rather than vertically off the top.

Steam Deck Bag, Docking Station & More

The all-new steam deck provides users with multiple, flexible and customizable options. Equipped with a desktop mode, the Steam desktop transforms PC gaming by connecting to a monitor or TV. The docking station also acts as a stand for the steam dock, allowing players to enhance the gaming experience, functionality, and aesthetics by playing while standing at the table.

At $39.99, the Steam Docking Station is an affordable accessory for users, adding to its functional appeal. Furthermore, with plans to begin shipping the second batch of products globally by the end of June, deck players can expect to get their hands on their docking station if they haven’t already.

With USB-C male, female, and HDMI capabilities, the Steam Surface allows for an impressive 100W power input and 4K60Hz output and supports high-density data transfers of up to 10Gbps. The advanced Steam Surface accessory improves the user experience with USB-A x2 that supports data transfer up to 480Mbps and a 5V/1A power supply. For more connectivity options, it also has an RJ45 option to support 100/10 million networks.

This isn’t the first JSAUX product that has captured the attention and enthusiasm of Steam deck players around the world. The brand offers an exclusive range of high-tech and convenient accessories to pair with the Steam deck and provide an unparalleled gaming experience. True to the tagline, “Connect More, Power More,” JSAUX is changing the game with its accessories.

Like the docking stations, the JSAUX Protective Standing Bag has also added convenience, comfort and refinement to steamboat deck gaming. Besides serving the primary purpose of protecting the vapor surface from dust and damage with high-quality TPU and PC material, the built-in stand allows users to place the device on any desk and continue playing without interruption.

but that is not all. The stand up case also features a spare heat dissipation port, or in simple terms, a cool vent hole, which prevents the device from heating up during intense gaming. Despite these enhanced features, usability and playability remain as smooth as ever with the texture of the case incredibly adaptable to the skin and does not affect user control.”

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