SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Gaming Keyboard 60% off

Gamers looking for a compact gaming keyboard might be interested in a new set that SteelSeries launched this month in the form of the Apex Pro Mini. Equipped with OmniPoint 2.0 technology, the Apex Pro keyboard features magnetic sensors that allow keystrokes to respond 11x faster while operating 10 times faster than standard mechanical keyboards, SteelSeries says. Although I haven’t tested the keyboard myself yet I can’t confirm this.

“If there’s one thing that makes a difference in competitive play, it’s the crucial moments between who takes the shot first. Who threw that bomb earlier. Who managed to activate the lifesaving ability before it turned to dust, waiting for a timer to re-live in frustration. Having a keyboard that responds precisely at the speed you want and the way you want it can be the difference between victory and defeat.Our latest gaming keyboard offering has reached a whole new level as we’ve developed our own OmniPoint technology.Access to OmniPoint 2.0 means a whole host of benefits – not only Only for victory in virtual worlds, but in other situations as well.”

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60% compact mini gaming keyboard

Enter a new world of absolute precision and unparalleled customization, all at your fingertips. The machinations of your next victory are powered by OmniPoint 2.0, which triggers your keystrokes to respond 11 times faster with an operation 10 times faster than standard mechanical keyboards Get ready to leave the competition in the dust. This is the only keyboard you’ll need, customization lets you turn this to excel in any situation, no matter if you need an edge in competitive gaming or fine typing for work.”

“OmniPoint 2.0 also offers nearly unlimited customization options for keystrokes, with recording depths ranging from the lightest 0.2mm in gaming to the deepest 3.8mm. Outperform the competition with 2-in-1 action keys, which allow two actions to be programmed on a single key.”


  • Record-breaking speed: The new OmniPoint 2.0 switches use state-of-the-art magnetic sensors to beat the trigger competition.
  • FULL ADJUSTABILITY: Want to record keystrokes with just a touch for the ultimate speed? Or do you prefer intentional deep presses? Set each key to the nearest 0.1 mm, from the lowest point at 0.2 mm to the highest point at 3.8 mm.
  • 2-in-1 Action Keys: Program two different shortcuts to the same key, activating the secondary action with a deeper press (such as going from walking to sprinting). Create your awesome combos to beat the competition.
  • 60% streamlined design: The Apex Pro Mini’s smaller form factor leaves more room, which means more room for those shapes on your desk or for mouse strokes.
  • Double Shot PBT Keycaps: Master your keyboard with fade-resistant keycaps with great texture and insane durability. Plus, add-ons printed on the sides give you the power of a full-size keyboard without the need for it.
  • AIRCRAFT-GRADE ALUMINUM ALLOY: Feel like a military strategist at your desk with a keyboard frame made of the same aircraft material. This is a beautiful fly.
  • Adjustable tilt legs: Enjoy the comfort of three different keyboard positions, with legs that extend halfway, fully, or not at all.

Source: SteelSeries

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