The Red Magic Mars Nubia has officially enlivened the smartphone gaming market. Yes! this smartphone also comes with many interesting features and the chipset that has been hanging out inside is Snapdragon 845 . In addition, […]

Nubia recently confirmed that they will release Mars Red Nubia on November 28 2018. The smartphone itself will be introduced at the Shanghai VSPN E-Sports Center. Just like Black Shark Helo, Mars will […]

In October 2018, gadget lovers were shocked by Razer who released their newest gaming smartphone, Razer Phone 2 . Not there, Xiaomi did not want to lose by introducing Black Shark Helo which is a continuation of its first […]

In an event held in Beijing, China, Nubia introduced another new smartphone, Nubia Z18 . Offered with prices starting from 2,799 Yuan or around IDR 6 million , this smartphone will only be marketed starting on September 11, […]