Tesla cars can now detect and adjust potholes

Tesla has updated the firmware for its electric cars, which now have the ability to search for potholes and Adjust their comment accordingly.

As reported by Electrek, the new Tesla software update 2022.20 has added a feature called Tesla Adaptive Suspension. In Tesla’s own words, “Tesla’s Adaptive Suspension will now adjust ride height for an upcoming bumpy road section.”

“This modification may occur at different locations, depending on availability, as the vehicle downloads approximate roadmap data generated by the Tesla vehicles.”

Tesla cars equipped with autopilots routinely scan the routes they travel on and provide the company with that data. This was initially used to help train the autopilot system for a driverless future, but now appears to be put to use as literal roadmaps, marking blocks and potholes for future Tesla users.

Don’t expect your Tesla to drive around these holes in autopilot mode.

To activate this feature in your Tesla, you’ll need to go to the Adaptive Suspension Damping section of the Suspension menu under Controls, and select the Comfort or Auto setting. Naturally, you will need a Tesla Model with active suspension, such as a Model S or Model X.

Another addition to Tesla’s latest update is the green light chime system that will beep an audible when it detects that traffic lights have turned green. It is only available for Tesla vehicles with a 3.0 PC installed.

The company seems to be putting those bumper profits it made in the fourth quarter to some kind of use, at least.

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