The 10 Coolest Theories About Hogwarts Houses, According to Reddit

The next exciting chapter of Harry PotterOpen world game hogwarts legacy, Delayed until 2023, fans are disappointed but still eager to experience the castle’s wonders in the game. One of the most engaging experiences at Hogwarts is the Sorting Ceremony, where characters are placed in the homes of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw based on their personalities and whether they match the traits each house represents.

Hogwarts houses have been subject to much scrutiny and theorization due to their ambiguous nature, as well as ambiguous screening criteria. Reddit has some great hypotheses about the hidden meanings behind them.

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Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin are the only real homes

According to Misunderstood_Ibis, the three main houses, which were associated with the simplest Freudian personality traits, were: Hufflepuff who prioritized people and their emotions, Ravenclaw who focused on logic and reason, and Slytherin who were people who depended on actions and getting results. . If someone is classified as a Gryffindor, it is because they possess one of these three qualities, as well as courage, nobility and chivalry.

“They have just been chosen for Gryffindor,” they said, “because they either can, or have the ability to be brave.” Second, the Gryffindors are also grouped into triads where each one belongs to each “real” house, such as “Harry is Slytherin, Hermione is Ravenclaw, Ron Hufflepuff, Dumbledore is Slytherin, McGonagall is Ravenclaw, and Hagrid is Hufflepuff”.

Stop every home for an element

Regarding the homes of Hogwarts and their meanings, Redditors say “there’s the basic element,” as they associate each home with a natural element that rules the house in the first place.

Misunderstanding – Ibes believed that the Gryffindors would represent fire, due to their courage and bravery. The best way to sum up Slytherin is the opposite water – cunning, cunning and able to get things done with a power that others can’t even imagine. Air’s qualities of intellect, creativity, perception and knowledge fit Ravenclaw best, while Hufflepuff’s patience, hard work, stability, and loyalty correspond to Earth.

The perception of using magic was the basis of the screening

Reddit watchers posted something in the odowithpotter’s Tumblr theory that they aren’t characters, but the way each student perceives their charms or intends to use them was the main parameter for sorting. They said “Hogwarts is a school for the study of magic. Magic as Hogwarts teaches it can be seen as many things: a natural talent, a gift, a weapon and so on.”

Thus, Gryffindors were so good at magical combat (defense against the dark arts) that they dared to use it for good because strength was a good responsibility to them. The Hufflepuffs considered magic a gift, which is why they shared it with others like Newt Scarander did with his creatures. Slytherin considered magic a treasure that they guarded in its purity with all their abilities as cunning, while Ravenclaw considered magic an art form to be explored and studied as much as possible.

The houses represent a medieval society based on the Hogwarts building

Hogwarts Castle has played a large role in the homes, according to HiddenWorm. “Features of a castle (west wing and grand tower), palace (quadruple), monastery (church-like area in the northeast and great hall), and madrasa (courtyard in north wing).”

The castle denotes the brave knights, for whom the Gryffindor was a symbol. Likewise, the educated scholars of the school were the eminent Ravenclaw, the diligent fraternal monks were the Hufflepuffs who belonged to the abbey, and the Slytherins were the kings and nobles belonging to the palace. Thus, houses formed the social system of the Middle Ages.

Every member of the house has a dominant and recessive house

The deleted Reddit user believed that “some students with Hogwarts Houses are ‘recessive’ for… the house they are best suited to is not the house they ended up in because of the particular way in which the specific characteristics of these homes interact.”

This meant that a dominant Slytherin, Hufflepuff Recessive would be a loyal Slytherin, whose Slytherin traits were larger but also influential through recessive traits. Redittor also notes that these “recessive” members may intentionally choose other homes for personal gain.

Homes represent modern social classes

Reddit’s MyAmelia believes that “homes don’t represent personality traits but social classes and political ideals.” Thus, Slytherin welcomed upper-class people like the wealthy and capitalists with bad ideals, while the members of the House of Gryffindor were the working class and rebellious bourgeoisie with socialist qualities who had fought against Slytherin for time immemorial.

The Ravenclaws were well-read middle-class centrists who loved the middle path, and the Hufflepuffs were vagrants who came from all walks of life, but fought the most important battle – the battle for the climate, but were largely ignored because they weren’t. strong enough.

Everyone ranked in Gryffindor had to ask the sort hat

Equivalent inflation assumes that sorting in every home is automatic, except for Gryffindor where the student has to ask the hat to put it in the house. “Godric of Gryffindor made the hat on purpose so that you wouldn’t just pick Gryffindor… The test is not if someone is really brave, it’s if they have the guts to decide.”

In this theory, neither Gryffindor was ever brave: Ginny was meek, Neville was a coward, Hermione was smart, and Harry was equally fearful. They grew up being brave when they chose to be in the home of the brave.

Screening cap can see the student’s future actions at home

“I think the reason Harry didn’t get into Slytherin is because the sorting hat counts not only the house that suits you best, but also the things you’ll achieve in your time in that house,” Loquito theorizes. They believe the sorting hat sees the future and then puts people in the homes they need to be in.

That’s why she put Snape in Slytherin because he had to be in that house, become a Death Eater, and then do his brave deeds later. Likewise, Harry is also categorized into Gryffindor until he meets Hermione and Ron, who will help him bring down the most evil witch of all. I knew hat sorting.

All the houses, Bar Hufflepuff, were elite organizations

Based on what the founders of the houses had said, AlexandersWonders is convinced that Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin were elite organisations, with certain criteria that had to be met to let people in. With the most courage and brave deeds.

Hufflepuff was the only one who said she would admit anyone else who didn’t fall to these strict standards and treat them fairly. The Redditor said, “In short, Hufflepuff is the home of the ordinary witch or wizard, the home of the people and the people.”

The houses were hereditary, and all originated from the Peverell brothers except for Gryffindor

Dawwy of Reddit points out that it’s very likely the individual sorting is based on something outside their control: genes. Every wizard or wizard and his family carry the House gene, but only three Houses have passed on to them: Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. They hypothesize that these genes originated from the Peverell brothers: “I think Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff came from three brothers of the tale. Slytherin is the one who desires power (the wand one), Ravenclaw is the one who defies death (the stone) and Huffelpuff is the cloak.”

All families are descended from them, so they carry the genetic makeup of these three houses. Gryffindor is a gay gene, which is “raised” under special circumstances. Gene triggering can be due to courage, being with certain people, or the choices people make.

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