The Steam Deck beta client update brings a large number of improvements

If your Steam Deck is on the beta channel, a new update has arrived that introduces new third-party UI options, scaling features, new keyboard options, and more.

Although Steam Deck is known for being a portable console, it has the ability to cast to a screen. With the latest update, users will now be able to scale the user interface when connected to an external monitor. There will also be a new console toggle, which makes it possible to enable automatic UI scaling when connected to a monitor or TV. Although night mode has always been an option, from now on users will not have to toggle it manually, instead they will have the option to set it on a schedule. Along with improvements to adaptive brightness controls, the update also brings Japanese keyboard support and improves the user interface of the Korean keyboard.

Valve has been working with Steam Deck, releasing updates to improve the user experience and provide more support with hardware as well. At the end of June, the company announced that it had completed second-quarter shipments and would double shipments in the third quarter. The company has also been surprisingly generous in releasing software for Windows, despite its position that it will not officially support third-party operating systems. On the hardware side, Valve had to delay its docking station but successfully launched a parts store in partnership with iFixit.

The future of Steam Deck looks bright, let’s hope that Valve keeps the momentum going.

If you are interested in trying out some of the above options, you can subscribe to the beta channel by heading to Settings > System > Steam update channel. From now on, users will have the option to choose: Static, Demo or Preview channels. Of course, the beta and preview will contain new and beta features, so proceed with caution as there may be issues.

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