Top 10 Jim Sturgess Movies, According to Box Office Mojo

Jim Sturgess is currently on screens alongside Katie Holmes in alone together, a movie set in the early days of COVID-19. But this is not his only star-studded project that has appeared on the screens recently, and if it ends up being profitable, it will be far from the first.

Sturgess made a breakthrough in 2007 with around the universeAnd, over the ensuing few years, he starred in several major studio films. But the actor has always thrived on small projects, even if they never crossed a billion dollars at the box office.

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10 Best Show (2013) – $20.9 million

Jim Sturgess and Jeffrey Rush in Best Show

best offer It’s an Italian movie, but it’s in English, hence Geoffrey Rush, Donald Sutherland, and Sturgess. Rush is the highlight of the movie, but Sturgess gets his chance to star in a villainous role as Robert, a thief pretending to be a craftsman.

best offer It has a budget of $18 million, which is a benchmark for a movie of its size when there is a stacked cast. Unfortunately, the film barely made it worldwide, and the vast majority of it came from international markets according to Box Office Mojo.

9 Upside Down (2012) – $22.2 million

Jim Sturgess in Upside Down

While not one of Kirsten Dunst’s best films, Upside down It is a beautiful and touching science fiction movie. While not quite Weird things Upside down, the movie still tells the story of what amounts to a parallel universe (in the case of Upside downparallel worlds). But instead of monsters, there is a forbidden love, arguably equally frightening.

Upside down It came at a hefty price tag of $50 million, but didn’t score even half that at the worldwide box office. according to Box Office MojoThe film barely exceeded $22 million, most of which came from international venues.

8 The Way Back (2010) – $24.2 million

Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, Ed Harris and Saoirse Ronan on the way back

Before he plays the penguin beyond recognition BatmanColin Farrell was shrouded in filth along with big stars like Sturgess, Ed Harris, and Saoirse Ronan in The way back. Sturgess portrays Janusz Wieszczek, a Polish Army officer who was taken prisoner by the Soviets; With the help of a Russian criminal (Farrell), an American engineer (Harris) and several others from around the world, Wieszczek must now traverse the deadly Himalaya. The way back The kind of movie that makes the viewer feel about the actors is no different return.

Box Office Mojo Reports suggest that the film had a fairly large budget (given the potential limited profitability) of $30 million. Unfortunately, this amount did not make even less than a profit.

7 Across The Universe (2007) – $29.6 million

As inspired by the title song as in the Beatles catalog in general, around the universe It is a wonderful journey through time, space, life and love. It stands as one of the most visually enticing films of ideas and is greatly bolstered by Evan Rachel Wood’s usual icy action, Sturgess’ star-making performance, and a clear chemistry between the two.

on the roof, around the universe She was a bombshell, considering she made less than $30 million (per Box Office Mojo) with a budget of just over $70 million. But at least it’s the kind of evergreen movie (the Beatles will always be relevant) that finds its very loyal fans over the course of time.

6 One Day (2011) – $59.4 million

Emma and Dexter in one day

one day It is the story of becoming friends more but over a much longer period of time than the average comedy or romantic drama. Sturgess and Anne Hathaway share the screen for most parts of the film and work well enough from each other to support a runtime.

according to Box Office MojoAnd the one day It ran on a fairly large 1,719 screen in the US, which doesn’t technically qualify as a wide release but is just a hair away from being one. Given that and Hathaway’s involvement (who has managed to remain a consistent ticket seller), it’s a great performer in a niche market.

5 The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) – $78.2 million

Jim Sturgess in The Other Boleyn Girl

While it is far from being one of Natalie Portman’s highest-grossing films, The other Pauline girl She is one of the Sturges. With this said, he could have done better at the box office, especially considering the talent involved, most of whom were born to cut the period.

However, in Box Office Mojo– Reported budget of $35 million, Another Pauline Girl Only cleared $78 million. Not a flop for Sony Pictures Entertainment, but neither is he successful, and despite his superb cast, he hasn’t distinguished himself as a highlight in any actor’s bio.

4 Cloud Atlas (2012) – $130.5 million

atlantic clouds It was one of several major projects with large and inflated budgets that the Wachowskis penned in the wake of the matrix Triple success. Unfortunately, it (and the rest including Resurrection Matrix) was quite a flop at the box office, although top-tier talent is driving the endeavor.

Sources on atlantic clouds The budget varies greatly, from $100 million to about $150 million. There is good reason to believe it skews the latter, but even if it were kept at only $100 million, the Wachowskis movie would have lost $130 million worldwide, Box Office Mojo.

3 Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole (2010) – $140.1 million

Soren flying in the legend of the guardians.

Sturgess has starred in several blockbuster films in the visual department, but none of them have arguably been greater than Zack Snyder. Legend of Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.

The Snyder movie, despite its stunning visuals, cost only $80 million. Unfortunately, this did not become the event his films were usually aimed at, and has only made $140 million worldwide, Box Office Mojo.

2 21 (2008) – $159.8 million

Jim Sturgess at 21

21 It was a major role for Sturgess, and he brought a mixture of charm and every man nature to the character, which was actually a necessary combination for a bit of a talented collective gambler over his head.

Some mid-budget studio projects continue to be huge hits, $35 million 21 He is one of them. The film’s success can be attributed at least in part to the following Sturgess gained around the universeBut it was also just a good time at the cinema. In all, the film quadrupled its budget, and some later doubled, to the tune of nearly $160 million worldwide according to Box Office Mojo.

1 Geostorm (2017) – $221.6 million

Abby Cornish and Jim Sturgess go head to head in Geostorm 2017

Roland Emmerich Geostorm It might be the highest profit for Sturgess, but 21 It’s his biggest hit. Geostorm It was an apocalypse movie with a huge budget and didn’t do much with its price that hadn’t been done 100 times before. The role of Sturgess is somewhat ungrateful too, considering he plays the role of protagonist Gerard Butler’s brother. It’s a role meant to provide tension and resolution to the audiences you’re really meant to care about.

Emmerich’s film, like most of his films, came at a hefty cost ($120 million per film). Box Office Mojo). Unfortunately GeostormAfter that, the Emmerich brand of filmmaking faded away the day after tomorrowand opened to $13.7 million in the United States. When all was said and done, the movie earned just $33.7 million from domestic screens, but did well for itself overseas with $187.9 million. However, her world number is not enough for another major success under the belts of Butler or Sturges.

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