Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs, Ranked by Spotify Streams

Taylor Swift is no stranger to singles number one hitter. Her latest single, Carolina, which explores the life and seclusion of a young girl named Kia, appears in the film. Where Cordads sings.

Swift is in the middle of re-recording her old work, after a legal battle with her former manager that made him take ownership of her music professors. Her long spanning career has seen many chart hits, but with over 30 singles, many of them amassed impressive numbers on the popular streaming platform Spotify.

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10 The wildest dreams: 566 million

taken from her 1989 The album “Wildest Dreams” explores hopes that Swift’s ex-boyfriend will remember better moments for her after their relationship ended. It’s a song that explores the mixed feelings of a never-ending relationship.

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“Wildest Dreams” reached number five on the US charts, making it the fifth consecutive number one single from the album, 1989. Since its original release, Swift has released a re-recording of the song – the first and to date only to be acclaimed 1989 Album – After a legal battle for her old business masters.

9 Lover: 577 million

The lead track on Swift’s seventh album, “Lover” is a romantic song dedicated to Swift’s longtime partner, Joe Alwyn. Transporting listeners to a romantic movie, “Lover” explores the beauty of their relationship and the blissful feeling of love.

It reached #1 on the iTunes chart on the day it was released, making Swift’s #35 song to hit number one. An accompanying music video has been released featuring Easter eggs, nods to her past albums and singles, and clues about the album’s future, as outlined in joy.

8 Sensitive: 582 million

To explore the feeling of indecision in relationships, Sensitive takes a closer look at the revered feelings that often occur at the beginning of a relationship with a new person. Featured on her 2016 album reputation“Delicate” features the use of heavy synthesizers and a vocoder to modify Swift’s vocals, which is what sets the album apart.

Although it didn’t climb the charts in the same way as Swift’s other songs, a music video showing Swift dancing to the song was released in 2018 which renewed interest in the track. The song follows Swift’s pattern of fifth single on her albums being the slowest and most emotional aspect of relationships.

7 Love story: 584 million

One of Swift’s earliest and most famous songs, Love Story, depicts Romeo and Juliet’s relationship through the eyes of high school Swift. The music video won Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year at the Country Music Awards.

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It ranked #1 on Billboard’s Country Hits, and #5 on Billboard’s Top 100, making it one of her first multi-genre hits. Since its release, like other songs, Swift has re-recorded it, releasing it under the new name “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)”.

6 Need to calm down: 645 million

In direct retaliation for the media’s comments about her, “You Need to Quiet” sees Swift exploring negative comments online, focusing on the importance of self-love and self-worth.

With lyrics specifically referring to sexual activity and a music video featuring several notable LGBTQ+ celebrities, including Hayley Kiyoko, Laverne Cox and the band Queer Eye, the song marked the first time Swift had publicly supported the LGBTQ+ community. While the video was criticized for “Month of Pride commodification” (per Fox) The song’s enhanced message makes it a fan favorite.

5 ME!: 660 million

The first song from her album, lover, “I!” Featured in collaboration with Panic! At the Brendon Urey Disco. It was a stark move away from reputation For Swift, the video and cover art focus on brighter, lighter colors and themes.

The song explores the importance of self-love, such as “You Need To Calm Down.” While it’s certainly one of the more awesome songs in her back catalog and far from including Swift’s best lyrics ever – with a much touching line pulled later from the song (per rolling rock) – “I!” It is a powerful anthem that conveys confidence and reinforces a message of self-love, themes that many Swift fans can relate to.

4 See what you made me do: 747 million

The first song from Swift’s album, reputation, “Look What You Made Me Do” takes snapshots of unnamed celebrities in a direct call to Swift’s competitors. Fans have speculated who the song could be, with many assuming it was directed at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West.

While divisive among Swift fans, “Look What You Made Me Do” marks its place in Swift’s career and showcases a new, sharper sound that sets the tone reputation It reinforced the idea that she was no longer a country singer, but an accomplished pop star.

3 Disposal: 813 million

As the name implies, the song “Shake It Off” encourages listeners to not worry about the little things in life, and simply get rid of them. The lyrics are simple yet effective in reminding people to let the little things go.

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“Shake It Off” is one of Swift’s best-performing singles, spending four weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and remaining in the charts for fifty consecutive weeks. It was the first song to be released 1989 The album has since sold over 5.4 million copies. With an advantage in crushing blow singThe song has remained in the public consciousness and is still one of Swift’s most popular (and sexiest) songs.

2 Empty space: 878 million

In one of the first examples in her career to speak back to the media, Swift is tapping into her reputation for being a serial historian on this song. She sees “Blank Space” as talking about how the media perceives her as simply replacing her friends one by one, filling the void.

“Blank Space” was an instant hit and a huge breakthrough in Swift’s career when she became the first artist to kick her own song off the number one spot, replacing “Shake It Off” at number one in November 2014.

1 I don’t want to live forever: 1.271 billion

taken from fifty shades of dark, sequel to fifty gray faces This song was a collaboration with former One Direction member Zayn. Explores the feeling of despair after a breakup and the loss of an ex-lover.

chest between 1989 And the reputationThe song was first teased on social media by both artists and was released before that Fifty Shades of Darkness. With Zayn recently leaving One Direction, which generated a lot of fanfare, and Swift which saw a career high in the aftermath. 1989It’s no surprise that “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” has since debuted and has since become the most streamed single by artists on Spotify.

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