Top 11 NEW Features in Microsoft Word 2021 // Microsoft Word 365 Desktop, Mac & web

I’ll be showing 11 new features in Word for Office 365. This includes the PC, Mac and word for the web. So let’s get started. The first new feature is the modern office UI and word is part of that right now. This pattern is matched to the window system settings and that is the new default for office.

You can see it’s much cleaner up top to turn this on. There’s this little switch here that says upcoming features. You have to be part of Office 365, but I’ve turned on try the new experience and now you have this. Fresh look to change your theme to colorful. That’s the one I like.

I’ll go to the file menu, choose account, go to office theme and you can see it says use system setting.

I’ll drop that and choose colorful. And now I’ve got the word blue at the top. There are also changes to the office Quick Access Toolbar, so I’m going to right click on the toolbar here and choose show quick access toolbar and right now I can just drop this down and add things. So I might add read aloud.

We’ll add editor and maybe print preview and print, so it’s kind of nice to have this right here for handy access to other features if you want to move the quick access toolbar on top of the ribbon like it used to be, go drop this down and choose show above the ribbon and now the quick access toolbar is right there. I’ll put it back down underneath. Show below the second new feature is a dramatically improved read aloud voice. We’re using neural text to speech in Word, and my team actually works on this, so I’m pretty excited I’ll choose the area that I want to start reading in my document.

So I’ve clicked on unfortunately here and then go to the review tab and choose read aloud.

Unfortunately though, deforestation is now widely discussed. The little toolbar is in the upper right, and I can jump between paragraphs. I can also choose between voices and reading speeds, so the male voice is also non neural text to speech. Let’s listen to that. Choose read aloud.

Unfortunately though, deforestation is now widely discussed the systematic default. So really high quality read aloud. I’ve also added it right here to my quick access toolbar so I can go and listen to any part of my document with that high quality read aloud voice. As a bonus, if you use the immersive reader, so I’ll go to the view tab and choose immersive reader and turn online focus as well. The new read aloud experience works here too.

Let’s listen. Deforestation is often driven by a desire for cattle ranching. The third new feature in Word for Office 365 is updates to editor to make it have parity with the web version of editor in Word editor is like the next Gen Spell checker. It’s gone way beyond the past spell checker. If you want a full deep dive on how editor works, check out the link in the upper right.

I’ll just show the quick updates, so if I go to the review tab here, you’ll see editor and I’ll launch that. What editor does is it gives you a score, so I have 44% and right now it’s set for formal writing. I could choose professional or casual. Is the type of document and editor will recalculate my score. I have all the classic things like spelling errors so I could walk through my spelling.

Also grammar errors and it lets me go through grammar errors.

But the new improvements and refinements are things like clarity, conciseness, formality, inclusiveness. So I go here, it’s highlighting stewardess is probably not the best word to use. I’ll go back here, punctuation conventions and other things and you can update the options to what editor? Check for.

Editor also now wires to our similarity checker, which is something that Microsoft has made available for Office 365 customers. The next set of features are improvements in Word for the Web Zero feature number four is tracked, changes, improvements in a word for the web document.

I have a document right here. I’m going to go to the review tab and I’ll go over and turn on track changes and we’ll make it for everyone. Now to show how this works, I don’t even need somebody collaborating ’cause it’s really easy to make the updates and just show how this works.

I’m going to Scroll down and maybe I’ve got a sentence or two right here that I just want to delete, so I’ll highlight right here and I’ll hit delete. Now it marks it up with the Red Cross out.

Now if I hover like this, I Click to view suggestions and it shows exactly what I did. Deleted the Amazon is also a great natural resource and I can accept or reject the suggestion by hovering on the check mark green. It shows it like this or X like this.

I’m going to choose except and watch what happens. It just disappears and rolls that back up. The fifth new feature is when you search your Word document in Word for the web. It also searches comment text. So I have a document here.

And I’m going to go and show comments. And now I’m also going to do control F and will search for the word pink and hit enter. Hey it found this comment. Can we make this purple and not pink right here? So now you can search through all the text including your comments.

The sixth new feature is also a commenting one in Word for the web and that is that you can now delete all your comments at once. This is a desktop feature that is now brought into word for the web, so I’ve got my comment pane open here.

I’m going to go to the review tab right here, dropdown delete and I can choose delete all comments or just the resolve comments. In this case I’ll choose to delete all comments. Click this.

Blast him all away the 7th new feature is an improved insert online video, so I’m going to click here to insert an online video and hit enter. I’ll go to the insert menu and I’m going to choose online video. Now I get a nice rich dialogue that shows all of the video that word for the web support via embed YouTube slide share, flipgrid stream and more. I’m going to paste a YouTube video right here. It pulls up a nice preview.

Hey, top 20 tips and tricks for word by this guy. Mike Dawson. Now I’m going to insert. This video right onto the page so I’ll click insert. Now I’ve got that interactive embed.

I can play it right here. I’ll be showing my Microsoft, so that’s a nice way to make your documents more rich and interactive. The eighth new feature is another one that exists in desktop and now is in Word for the web and that is delete a cell in a table. So I have a table right here and I want to delete this cell. I’m going to click next to this cell here.

Now go to the table menu, dropdown, delete and you’re going to see a new option. For sell, choose that. And I get the choices, shift them, shift them. And I get four choices, shift cells left up, delete the entire row or the column. I’m going to choose shift cells and it’s going to make it look a little jagged.

I’ll click OK and now it shifted all those cells.

When I deleted that one right there, and now it’s shifted this one cell. When I deleted the other one looks a little jagged. I’ll do another one here, I’ll click, I’ll choose table and then delete and this time I’m going to choose cell and I’ll choose delete the entire column. Hit OK and now my table is even smaller.

So those are both available in Word for the Web now. The last three new features are all in Word for the Mac. The ninth new feature is that we’ve brought editor to word for the Mac.

Like you saw earlier in desktop and PC, we have editor there. It’s in the web, and now the really powerful natural language processing and I call it NextGen Spell Checker is part of word for the Mac as well.

Now I have my document here and I’ll go to the review tab and go over on the left and I will click editor. This opens up a very similar pain like we saw earlier. Spelling, grammar, clarity, conciseness. All these great improvements. So now if I go over here I’m going to go click on clarity.

And it highlights one right here, and it gives some suggestions about how I might change my document to make it more clear, I’ll go click back and it also has things like spelling and grammar and some other ones. So here’s an example of grammar options right here. And we’ll go back and the editor score is right there 69%, so this is now rolled out to the Mac. The 10th new feature is the similarity checker is now part of word for the Mac.

The similarity checker is a tool that’s built into word that will go on automatically.

Check online for a whole set of possible plagiarism, or if you forget to cite something. So an example in this document I’ve pasted some stuff from online sources. Uh, this is also part of word desktop and web as well. I’m here in Word and I’ll click on the review menu and I’ll go over and click editor. Just like before the editor pane is now.

Open and over on the right hand side in the lower right you’re going to see this new option that says similarity. I’m going to go down there and when I click it, it’s going to check online for sources that I might already have in here that I pasted. So let’s click that. Now it’s going to check online, it’s checking. Hey, it found some similarities.

Found six of them. A lot of copying. I’ve been doing so you can see here. It lets me go over and add the in text citation or I can copy the full text citation so this little pop up here shows exactly where I paste it from him.

It looks like I found something on kids saving the rainforest and you’ll see over here.

I reviewed that similarity and it’s one out of 6 and 4% of my text is similar to online sources. Wow, that’s not too good. I can tap the arrow here to go to the next one. Now I can. Click copy full citation like a well here.

I could also add it directly, but I’ll click copy now I’ll click away and I’m going to go add a line in here so I’ll go and add line and I’ll just paste that citation and then clean it up a little bit.

There we go. To learn more about the similarity checker, there’s a link in the description and you can get a lot more details on exactly how it works and how it scans and what types of things it’s looking at. The 11th new feature is dark mode for Mac, so pull up your search in Mac type settings. And then go over and choose general and choose dark under appearance.

Hey, now you’re in dark mode, and as a bonus I’m going to close this. Go to the view menu, choose switch modes and you can switch between light and dark and back again. If you found this video useful, give it a like now. If you want to keep up with all the latest videos I’ll be releasing, subscribe to my channel and then just ring the bell to keep notified for all the latest posts..

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