Top 20 Unknown Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features!

Here are the top 20 unknown features on theGalaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. Thereare time codes down the description to helpyou find the features you care most about,as well as product links for the watch incase you want to pick one up for yourself.And don’t forget to drop a like if youappreciate video timecodes. The first thingthat I want to quickly point out is that youshouldn’t use the body composition measurementif you’re pregnant or have a pacemaker. There’sa brief warning not to do this the first timeyou try to use it, but it’s easy to miss.

So I wanted to point it out before gettinginto the features. So with that out of theway, let’s get started. You can use the watchas a desk clock if you enable developeroptions. Then turn on a specific featureto enable us go to settings, scroll all theway to the bottom and tap about watch.Then scroll down a little bit and tapsoftware.

Then tap the software versionfive times. And so you get developer modeturned on. Then go back to your settings andyou’ll see developer options as appeared tabthat then enable stay awake when charging.Once that’s enabled, the watch face willstay on as long as the watch is charging.Keep in mind, this will obviously makeit take longer for the watch to charge.

But that feature is there if you want it. And if you’re curious about these stand I’m using,it’s actually just a little holder for thecharger that comes with your galaxy. Watch.The USB side of the cable pushes through thislittle slot right here down through the bottom.Then you pull the cord all the way throughand the charging pack just fits right in.

And on the bottom, there is a slot to hold thecourt in place.

And I also picked up this onefoot extender cable, because the cable onthe charger is actually pretty short.And I needed something a little bit longer to workon my desk. I have a link in the description forthis cable, as well as a couple of differentversions of the stand, if you’re interested.Jumping back into developer optionsand scrolling about halfway down,you’ll see an option calledwindow animation scale.

And then two other options called transitionanimation scale and animator duration scaletapping. One of these lets you changevarious animation speeds. And you caneven turn the animations off completely todemonstrate exactly what these are changing.I’m going to slow down the animation soyou can see exactly what it’s affecting.Window animation scale changes, how fast youswitch between pages.

Transition animation is whenyou’re moving from one app to another. Animatedduration is animating from one screen to another,like when swiping to go back, pulling down thequick toggles or switching to the app screen.So obviously you wouldn’t wantto slow those animations down,but you can either make them at twice as fast orcompletely turn them off if you want everythingto feel even faster on the watch. The GalaxyWatch 4 supports, gestures for either answeringcalls or dismissing alerts to enable these. Go back to your settings.

Scroll down and tap.Advanced features. Then scroll down a bitfurther until you see the gesture sectionand go ahead and tap the answers call option andturn that on. And this lets you answer calls.By shaking your wrist up and down, just like it’sshown in this image here.

And if you tap tutorial,it’ll let you give it a try. So if Ilift my arm and shake it in this motion,it’ll tell me that I did it right. If you back out of here, you can thentap the dismiss alerts and calls option. Andif I turn this on, I can then dismiss callsand alerts by just rotating my wristback and forth a couple of times.If you’re running an app in the background atthe bottom of your watch face, you’ll get alittle icon that’s related to that application.

So right now, it’s showing a stopwatch goingaround. If I tap that, it take me to my stopwatchapplication because it’s currently running.And if I stop the stopwatch and turn it off andgo back, you’ll see that that icon disappears.

Andthis works for pretty much any application thatcan run in the background on your watch. So rightnow, I have a circuit training workout going.

And it’s actually showing the specific workoutthat it’s running. And if I tap this, it’lltake me right to the workout screen. And forone last quick example, here’s a music icon forthe music application that’s currently running.If you open up the compass application, thenswipe up, then swipe up again. You get theoption to turn on location tracking as well asto calibrate it.

And if you turn on locationtracking, you’ll be able to see both youraltitude and the barometric pressure.And if you scroll down further, you’ll now seeyour latitude and longitude. The default typingoptions with the Galaxy Watch 4 and for classicare pretty terrible. You get speech to text,but that’s not great. If you’re in a crowded areaand you want to have a private conversation.

You can send a voice recording, but that doesn’twork for the same reason as the first option.You can simply send an emoji, you can draw theindividual letters, but that’s going to take quitea while.

And you also get nine text option,which is also a really slow way to type.Fortunately, there is a much faster option ifyou download an app from the play store. Solet’s go ahead and jump into the Google PlayStore.

Tap the search icon. Tap the keyboardand search for G board. Once you’ve got aTitan tap search, then tap the result.It’s going to say, gee, board theGoogle keyboard, then tap install.Once it’s installed, you need to enable it inyour settings.

So we’re going to go ahead andjump into settings, scroll down to general, tapthat, then tap input and then tap keyboard.Wordlist and default went up default keyboard andthen switch that to G board. Now if you tap thekeyboard option again and go ahead and tap in themessage, you’re going to get a full quality stylekeyboard.

And this supports swipe, which is wayfaster than any of the other typing methods.And this actually makes it possible to sendmeaningful messages right from your watch.

You probably knew that the Galaxy Watch 4 supportsboth Samsung pay and Google pay. And if you didn’tknow Google pay was available. All you have todo is go to the play store and download it.Unfortunately, for those of you that want touse Google pay, if you hold the back button,it’s only going to open up Samsung pay, andthere’s currently no way to change that. However,you can create a double click shortcut with thehome button to open up Google pay instead.

And if for some reason you useboth Samsung pay and Google pay,that gives you two quick shortcuts to open upwhichever one you prefer to use to enable thisfeature. Go to settings, scroll down to advancedfeatures, then scroll down to customize keys.Then tap double press. The default option is togo to your most recent application.

But if you’veinstalled Google pay, you can scroll down a littlebit and use Google pay for the shortcut.

Why arewe looking at these customized keys options? If you scroll down a bit, you can also changethe press and hold option for the homebutton by default. That’s going to takea Bigsby. But you can change that toenable the power off menu instead.However, I highly recommend that you don’t dothis and that you do keep Bixby enabled.

And I’ll explain why in a little bit.

Scrollingfurther down in the Customize Key section,you also get the option to customize ashort press on the back. Now, by default,this is just going to take you back one page. But you can also go back at page by swiping fromleft to right. So it’s kind of redundantto have both a swipe and a key do the samething.

So if I tap this, you can see that I alsoget the option to show recent applications.And this is much more useful.So now if I press the back key,I can see all of my recent applications.And if I want to dismiss an application,I just have to swipe up.

Or if I tap theclose all button all the way to the left,I can close all the applications in one shot.

If I go ahead and start playing music on my phone,I’ll immediately get a music icon that tells methat the music’s playing. And if I tap that icon,it’ll take me into the mediacontrols where I can see moreinformation about the music that’s playing. I can play or pause the music, skip tracks,and even adjust the volume. But if you want thescreen to show up automatically on your watch,as soon as the music starts playing, insteadof having to tap to open a screen so you canmuch more quickly adjust things like volumeby just scrolling the bezel without evenhaving to look at the watch.

Then there is a wayto do that in the settings to enable.

We’re goingto jump back into settings, then scroll down andtap display, then scroll down until you see theoption called show media controls and tap that. So now if I go back to the watch face screen andstart playing music on my phone again, it’sgoing to automatically jump right into themusic application. Instead of pulling down thequick toggles and trying to find the power menuto turn the watch off, you can actually justhold both the back and home buttons fora couple of seconds and you’ll get right back tothe same menu. This menu also brings up the optionfor touch sensitivity, which allows you to useyour galaxy watch with super thick gloves on.

Now,unfortunately, I already have this gloveon and can’t enable touch sensitivity.

However, that’s where this otherunknown feature comes in really handy.And that feature is just how powerful Bixbyactually is. And before you balk at that,I just upload a video that goes deep intoshowing you guys exactly why Bixby is so powerfuland so useful, especially on the Galaxy. Watch for it is it’s so much more improvedon a Galaxy Watch 4 versus any of Samsung’sprevious smartwatches.

And I highly recommendyou check that video out to learn about all ofBixby’s powerful features.

For now, I’m justgoing to use it to turn on touch sensitivity,turn on touch sensitivity, touch sensitivity.And just like that, I can now interactwith my watch with thick gloves onjumping back into the quick toggles. I want togive you guys a quick bonus unknown feature ifyou long press any one of these quick toggles. It’s going to bring up this little customizationmenu. Then you can long press them anddrag them around to any other screen anddrop them wherever you like them.

This isa great way to make your favorite quick.Togo’s even easier to access. And ifyou scroll all the way to the end,you get the option to add more quick toggles.And if you delete any from these pages,you can add them back in with the plus icon. And while we’re here, I do want to quickly runthrough what these toggles even do, because someof them aren’t quite obvious just by looking atthe icon.

The first one is pretty obvious. It’s aflashlight, turns your watch into a flashlight.And this is actually really bright in a darkroom. And if you tap the screen, you can changethe brightness of the flashlight and even makeit flash. And this isn’t an S.

O.S. type message.It’s literally just flashing on and off. And if you tap it again, it just goes back to itsmax brightness.

These two raindrops turn on waterlock mode, which prevents any interaction withyour screen at all. So this is great to use ifyou’re swimming or maybe even washing dishes.But the way that I personally use this is whenI’m changing one of my kid’s diapers.

And that’sbecause if you’ve ever tried to change yourbaby’s diaper with anything on your wrist,they’re always trying to grab at. And I’ve had messages sent, I’ve hade-mails deleted, I’ve had them start makingphone calls, and that’s why I started usingthis feature.

Any time I change one ofthe diapers to stop that from happening,and when you want to turn water lock mode off,just hold the home button for two seconds.This search icon is actually a phone finder.So right now, it’s going to make my phonestarted ringing.

I can stop it here. Thisoption here is called bedtime mode.

Andthis dims your screen way down. And it alsoturns off all of the wake up gestures.So if my screen is off and I rotate my wrist,it’s not going to turn the screen on the bezels,not it turn the screen on. Tapping the screendoesn’t do anything either. The only way toturn the screen on want to have bedtime modenibbled is to press one of these two buttons.

And from here, I can go ahead and turn offbedtime mode. So this mode is extremely usefulif you’re going be using sleep trackingwith this watch. And by the way, here’sanother bonus tip that you guys just saw. If you want to quickly just turn the screenoff on your watch.

All you have to do is coverit with your palm.

And the screen will go toeither ambient mode or turn completely offif you don’t have ambient mode enabled.Speaking of ambient mode, that’s whatthis next toggle is. So if you tap thatambient mode turns off. And if I put my palm onthe screen, you can see that the screen turnscompletely off. The next one’s pretty obvious.

It’s just the screen brightness adjustment.This toggle let you quickly put your watchon vibrate, only mode completely silent orhave the sound turned on. The center icon isto enable do not disturb mode. And if you’repaired to a Samsung phone, this will sync donot disturb mode with your Samsung phone.If you’re paired to a non Samsung Android phone,it only sets do not disturb mode on the watch.

This is obviously your settings toggle toquickly jump into your settings.

Here’s thepower menu that I showed you guys earlier. This is a shortcut for individual volumeparameters. So you can set it independentlyfor your ringtone, your media notifications,system sounds and Bixby. This toggle turnson a power saving mode.

This cinema lookingicon is called theater mode. And if you scroll all the way down,you’ll see that this turns off. You’re always ondisplay, turns off the raised waikk feature,turns off all system sounds, turns off youralarm sounds and even turns off timer sound.And it only does this for a set period of time.The default is two hours, but you can changeit to one hour, three hours or four hoursif you’d prefer.

And this is specificallyfor when watching a movie at a theater and youdon’t want your watch lighting up and buggingyou or the people around you . And one more quick tip withtheater mode. If you change the duration,it’s going to remember that the next timeyou enable theater mode.

So if I disable,then re-enable theater mode, then scroll down.You’ll see that it’s now set to three hours.

This toggle turns on or off your wi fi. Thistoggle tries to automatically connect to thelast pair of earbuds you had connected. Ifthe connection doesn’t work, it goes back tothe great color. And if it does work, it’ll stayblue and show you how much better you have lefton your wireless earbuds, your headphones. And if I tap it again, it’ll disconnect.

Thisis the touch sensitivity toggle that I showedyou guys a bit earlier. Here’s your NFC toggle.And here’s your airplane mode toggle. And lastbut not least, you can turn on or off your GPS.If you have any of these quick toggles enabledthat affect the functionality of the watch,you’ll actually get little icons at the topshowing you which toggles are enabled.

So rightnow, I can see that I have do not disturb mode,feeder mode and power saving modes turned on.And this is really useful if you actually turnto toggle on and you’re wondering why your watchisn’t performing quite the way you want it to. Youcan just look at the top of your watch face andsee if you have anything turned on by accident. You get nearly 100 percent functionality whenconnected to a non Samsung Android device.If you want to see everything that’s missingwhen connected to a non Samsung Androiddevice and some workarounds to get mostof that functionality back, you can check out mydedicated video on that by clicking the card aboveor the link in the description to enable this next unknown feature.

You have to use your phone and open up the Galaxywearable application that was installed when youset up your Galaxy Watch in the first place.

Onceyou open the application, go to watch settings,then advanced features scroll all the way tothe bottom and you see remote connection.Then tap to the left side of the toggle. Andhere you can enable remote connection and alsoenable this calling mode as well. And what thisdoes is it allows you to send receive calls andtexts from your Galaxy Watch 4 even when you’renot connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

And this also works for the non LTE version of thewatch. So you don’t need a mobile plan to do this.The only connection you need for this to workis that the Galaxy Watch 4 or for classicneeds to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. And unfortunately, when you set your Galaxy Watch4 up in the first place, all the Wi-Fi networksthat you’re logged into on your phone wereautomatically transferred to the watch.

And whenyou lose Bluetooth connection from your phone,by default, the watch will automatically turn onWi-Fi and connect to the nearest Wi-Fi network.

The one caveat with this is that if you’reconnected to a non Samsung Android device,you lose the ability to remotely makea receive phone calls. Fortunately,you can still remotely send and receive texts.And speaking of messages, if you’re in yourmessages application and you’re in a specifictext with either a person or a group ofpeople, then you scroll all theway down to the bottom, thenback up just a little bit. You can see that youget the option to send your exact GPS locationto the.

In that message, and this is incrediblyuseful for trying to meet up with people in abusy place like at a theme park, if you find yourself missing notifications when youhave headphones on, there’s a settingin the Galaxy Watch 4 that can helpyou with that.

Just open up your settingsapplication. Then it tapped notifications,then scroll down and to see an option calledread notifications aloud and turn that on.What this is going to do is automatically readthe notifications out loud in your headphoneswhen they come in.

And in case you’rewondering, this only reason notificationswhile the headphones are connected, assoon as headphones are disconnected.It’s no longer going to read the notificationsout loud.

By default, Touch to wake up is turnedoff on the Galaxy Watch 4 and for classic.So no matter how much I touch the screen,it’s not going to wake it up. If you do want to wake up by touchingthe screen instead of just with your wristturning or with the bezel or one of the buttons,then you can do that by going to settings.Scroll down to display, then scroll downuntil you see touch screen to wake. Once this is enabled, if I turn the screen off,then tap the screen, it’ll wake back up.

Oneimportant thing to know about this, though,is that it keeps a touch sensitivityon the screen, active all the time.So it will slightly reduce your battery lifefor this next feature. We have to jump back intothe galaxy wearable application on the phone,then go to watch settings, advanced features,then tap S.O.S.

This is an incrediblesafety feature that has two parts to it.The first part is activated when you tripple pressthe home key. This is going to send a message toany of your emergency contacts that tells themthat you need emergency help. It’s also going toshare your GPS location and it’s going to beyour active GPS location, which means you’regoing to be able to follow you around. Which is especially usefulin an extreme scenario where you maybe getabducted.

The other thing it’s going to do ismake an S.O.S. call to any emergency contact youchoose. And this call is going to be made at thelowest audible volume to help keep you safe.

If you tap the text, you get another optionas well.

So if I enable thisand agreed to the conditions,I also get the option to have a countdowntimer show up before sending those messages.So if I go to my watch and I will press the homebutton, it’s going to give me a few seconds tocancel that. And this is a great feature to turnon if you don’t want to accidentally be makingemergency calls. And in case you’re wondering,911 one, it can be one of your emergencycontacts.

The second part to this as asafety feature is hard fall detection.And what this does is use the accelerometersin your watch to determine if you’ve had a hardfall.

This could be something like falling off amountain bike on a trail or even getting in a caraccident. And if the hard fall is detected, you’regoing to get a notification on your watch.And if you don’t dismiss that notificationwithin 60 seconds, then it’s going to sendthe S.

O.S. message to your emergency contacts,as well as make the emergency call. And thisis also incredibly useful for someone whomay be elderly and prone to falling.This could literally save their life if theyhave this feature turned on by default.

Sleeptalking gives you a decent amount of informationabout how well you slept. But if you want an evenmore in-depth analysis, there’s a couple ofextra features you can turn on to do this.You have to open up the Samsung health applicationon your phone. Then scroll down to sleep. Tapthat.

And while you’re on this page, tapthe three dots in the upper right corner.Then you’ll see these other options here calledblood, oxygen during sleep and snore detection.But oxygen during sleep is going to trackyour blood oxygen continuously as you sleep,and it’ll even give you your minimum and maximumblood oxygen levels.

And this could be reallyhelpful in determining if you have somethingcalled sleep apnea, which is where you stopbreathing periodically while you sleep. And in case you’re curious, if you turn thisfeature on, here’s what that graph is going tolook like.

And while I do have one dip here,down to 87 percent, I’m not too concernedabout it, because that could have just beenthe watch sliding up for part of themeasurement while I was sleeping.But if you see something that looks concerningto you, then definitely consult your doctorto do some follow up testing. So detection isjust that. It detects if your snoring at night,but you’d also have it record audio so youcan actually hear yourself snoring as well.And that recording is done with your phone.

So you will need to have your phone near youwhen you’re sleeping.

And keep in mind thatsince your phones can be using its microphoneall night to listen for snoring, it willbe best to keep the phone on a charger.As far as snoring data. I don’t have any because Idon’t snore. But if I did, this is where that datawould show up by default.

When tracking exercise,if you swipe over and just finish that exercise,it’s going to save it as asingle exercise session.But that’s not very useful for peoplewho do a bunch of different workoutsin a single session. Mike, let’s say you goto the gym and you start on the treadmill,but then you do some bicep curls and then maybesome leg presses and a bunch of other things.In that single workout session, you probablywant to combine all of those workouts intoone session. And fortunately, there is a wayto do that.

So I’ve started a new exercise.I’m going to go ahead and swipe over. And instead of finishing this exerciseand starting the next one, I’m going topause this exercise.

Then I’m going to tapknew up here in the top left corner. NowI’m going to choose a different exercise.

This time will go with weight machine. And let’s say I use the weight machine for a bit.Finish that exercise when I pause it againand tap new. And we’re going to choose athird workout. Let’s go with a treadmilland we’ll finish with that workout.

Now, this saves as a single session comprisedof three workouts. And if I scroll down,I can see that I was on the treadmill andbefore that I was doing a weight machine.And before that, I was cycling. Now, those workouts I just showedyou were too short to see any extrainformation.

But if you actually did areal workout for any meaningful amount of time,then tapped that workout within that session,you’d be able to see more detailsabout that specific workout.

And another quick tip, if you tap the heartrate zone section, it will actually switch to abar graph to show you exactly how long you werein each of these zones. What we’re talking about,exercise tracking. I do want to show youguys a couple bonus unknown features withthe exercise tracking application. First, if you ever want to pause orresume a workout.

All you have to do is holdthe back button for a couple of seconds.

So you can see I just resumed the workout. IfI hold it again, I then pause the workout.And even more useful unknown feature is that youcan actually swipe up on this information screenand get even more details about your workout. Nowyou can swipe up again and see even more details.Swipe up again and you can even seeyour symmetry with your running.

And what this is showing is how much timeyou’re spending on each foot. And this willhelp you determine if you’re favoring oneleg over the other. And these informationscreens change depending on which workout you’redoing. So obviously, if you’re weightlifting,you’re not going to see this asymmetry screen. And if I swipe back up, I can actually customizeboth of these information screens do that.

I justhave to swipe to the left and then go to settings,tap workout screen, then tap the worddata screen one or data screen, too.Now, data screen one is the screen that was ontop and data screen two is a screen that showedup when I swiped up once.

So if I tap one ofthese, I can choose the data screen layout.So if I choose this one, that’s going to give me aton of information. And if I tap one of the cells,I can choose something differentto show.

And as you can see,there are a bunch of different options..

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