Twitter status feature under test, including ‘shower ideas’

A new Twitter status feature was spotted during testing, with the company saying it’s available to some users in the US and Australia…

Take Crunch It comically suggests that while Facebook is trying to be TikTok, Twitter is trying to be Myspace.

Twitter brings us back a bit from Facebook (or LiveJournal or Myspace). Some users have reported that they can now post Twitter statuses, allowing them to tag posts as if they were in the mood in MySpace. Some of these include “spoiler alert,” “shower ideas,” “photo of the day,” and for some reason, the redundant “current state.” At the moment, users cannot customize their status – you just have to choose from the existing Twitter list.

“For a limited time, we’re testing a feature that allows you to add a status topic from a predefined list to your Tweets to provide more context for your followers,” Twitter told TechCrunch. “So whether you’re about to drop a hot thread of tweets, share your thoughts, or have a bad Monday, your tweets can better communicate what you intend to do.”

Twitter confirmed that this test is running for a limited time with select groups in the US and Australia but declined to comment on group size.

The feature works the same way Facebook’s Feeling does: the selected status, along with its accompanying emoji, appears on top of the actual tweet.

Status messages also work in the same way as hashtags. If you click or tap on a status, you can see other Tweets that have used the same status.

These related topics do not appear to be moderated. We may or may not have accidentally encountered some unexpected NSFW material on our work computer under the status, “Mondays Status”.

Twitter has been testing a few potential features lately. Its attorneys are as busy as its product development teams, with the company suing Elon Musk for failing to complete a contractual takeover of the company.

Take Crunch Not convinced of the value of the Twitter status feature – what are your thoughts?

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